Light key Santas are here!

Light key Santas are here!

How have you been?

Have you wondered what does it take to become an enlightened person??Nila has been asked this question many a times and she answers to the same beautifully and authentically, in this video. A sweet bonus – this video also allows you to experience a short fascinating exercise to shine your heart! Link at the end.

Light Key Santas and loads of gifts!

How are you enjoying 11 days of healing for your body and being? Festival of Light is all about celebrating you! You have chosen to step-up and be there for you and shine your light bright. Kudos to that and we acknowledge that with surprise gifts after every session and there are 10 more grand prize packages to be announced at the end of the festival.

All you have to do is receive the session and share your experience. In any social media – WhatsApp (Festival of Light, Magic with Nila, Light key Mastery) or Facebook and tag Light Key Mastery or Nimi_IH profile. You have created yourself a possibility to have more!

Festival of light keeps getting better and better!

Dissolve limitation with Light Matrix – led by Light Key facilitators, Sunali and Antara, was received wonderfully well and created great shifts in people. The group energy was simply awesome.

“Hey i would like to share my experience of today’s light matix session. I wrote some limitations about myself and one of them from that was that person will never return my money unless I asked him for as he is my relative.after performing light matrix process. I was hearing feedback from Participantes. I got call from same person. I asked him to call me after 5 mins. After session, while shutting down my laptop I called him back . He said. Your xyz amount of money is pending with me I am Transfering it now do u have Gpay????. I was just speechless… So quick.. Loads of gratitude LM & universe✌?. And of course all twinkling stars of light festival.”

Light medicine experience was a real WoWer.

Light Key facilitators Saida and Talia led the Light Medicine experience. This session has created magical shifts in people’s body, just after 1 session. People couldn’t wait to share their amazing experience.

Honestly, it’s difficult to pick a few among the many feedback. Sharing one amazing experience:

“I chose to sign up for the Light festival mainly for the Light medicine Body Reset protocol, have been hearing about it since launch.. From many days I had 10+ intensity knee pain and couldnt sit with folded legs.. I was looking forward to this session to heal them..when the session started I felt as if someone was painting my legs with gold.. I could feel the brush strokes and then a whirlpool of energy around my stomach through the lower body started as if it was washing my internal organs..
The energy reached every nook and corner where I had niggling pains for years and my finger tips were vibrating high.. Yawning continously when the session got over i sprung up like a Jack in the box and VOILA! My knees had zero pain and I could sit with legs folded.. One hour post the session I’m in very high energies, feel light like a bird. I am surely signing up for Light medicine courses and determined to honor my vehicle on this planet.
Deepest gratitude to Saida, Talia, all facilitators and the great guru Nila for bringing light into our world!”

Stay tuned as there are more to come!
You can still join us and receive recordings and attend live sessions. It’s just 33$ for all the 11 days:

Conflict Resolution Protocol (Certification Optional)

It takes two to tango is a common phrase. Likewise, it takes two of us to sustain a conflict.  In this class, we are going to learn to acknowledge the fragmentation within us that’s creating the conflict and raise above the conflict with love and kindness – harmony in and out!

This is a rare entry level class by Nila. If you are new to Light Keys, this may be a perfect opportunity to jump in and learn from the founder herself!

Let your heart shine!


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