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Infinite Healing Light Keys for Life and Beyond!
(Basic Course)

Stuck and frustrated? Change all of that with ease!

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This course is a self study course containing instruction videos and pdf manual
that only take a couple of hours to learn and start your practise.

  • If nothing has worked for you, you may like to try this simple practise where you do not need to focus, concentrate, meditate or buy expensive packages!
  • Practise is so simple that even children are drawn to it naturally!
  • All you need is 10-15 min a day for 33 days to create a great shift in your life! You are worth this investment!
  • Amazing outcomes experienced by the practitioners world over. Improvement in health, wealth, ease and happiness!
  • Experience the miracle of who you are! Emotional baggages and limiting beliefs drop away effortlessly and you get to embrace your divinity!

Alternate payment mode: You can pay Rs. 3500 through GooglePay (or) PayTM to the number 9952122200.

Kumar Sanjay says:
“I would like to share one more thing that i have started menifesting very fast. The things
i desire i get them in less than 24 hrs. And some things i get even in 1-2 hrs.
Getting my work done is easy i guess i can tranfr my thoughts to other peoples mind!!.
One example i would like to share. I thought to buy a silver glass for drinking water
not told to anyone.Guess what happened git that gifted by my father!! Weip.”

Gabriele says:
“Just this morning I realized how many asks – that have just been mentioned in the side by me
and my daughter – have been actualized beautifully and with so much ease – since I have started
connecting with keys # how does it get any better than that.

Kavitha says:
“Day 51 done. Had few new contacts for our business. Got new orders. Excited to experience the exponential growth in our business.”

Kate Song says:
“Today was the most incredible day at work these keys are opening doors for me!
What else is possible? Happy Vibes.”

Self mastery made easy!
Simple and life changing practise!

Infinite Healing is a healing system comprising of a set of practices, processes and attunements. This system has been channelled By Nila, who has been a divine channel and medium for over 15 years. Nirmala Raju, or Nimi or Nila as she is known, began her spiritual journey in 1997.

Nila draws upon her experiences in a wide range of healing modalities to empower people to expand their life with ease. By working with a person’s inner knowing, Nila facilitates emotional and physical healing to improve her clients’ quality of life. She has also been coaching people and conducting classes worldwide that empower people to embrace their true selves effortlessly.

The session was very encouraging and rewarding. I felt most of the mental blocks
were released after the session. It is like a new beginning of life. – Narmadha Sundar, USA


Magic Lady! Thats how i would describe beautiful Nimi. I had a terrible pain in my back
for years. Over time I saw all kinds of healers, shamans and Drs and nothing really helped,
I thought I would have to live with that constant pain.Then I saw Nimi and in a casual 15 minutes
she fixed it! Im now pain free! Now If that isnt magic I dont know what is! – N.V ~ UK


Alternate payment mode: You can pay Rs. 3500 through GooglePay (or) PayTM to the number 9952122200.