• Light Keys healing system is a self-healing modality that helps the individuals to heal their body, life and being. The system consists of a set of high vibrational keys, practices, protocols, processes and frequencies. This system is channelled by Nirmala Raju (Also known as Nila or Nimi)
  • If nothing has worked for you, you may like to try this system where you do not need to focus, concentrate, meditate or buy expensive packages!
  • Practise is so simple that even children are drawn to it naturally!
  • All you need is 10 – 20 min a day for a limited number of days to create a great shift in your life! You are worth this investment!
  • Amazing outcomes experienced by the practitioners world over. Improvement in health, wealth, ease and happiness!
  • Experience the miracle of who you are! Emotional baggage and limiting beliefs drop away effortlessly and you get to embrace your divinity!
  • The system is so flexible that you can either experience the quick relief first or choose to build your mastery right away
❤️ Where can I start?

You can start from either basic light key protocols for quick relief or basic blueprint course for self-mastery.

You can also pursue joyous body protocol which helps in bringing out  great shifts in the body.

❤️ Go beyond
❤️ Teaching

Nila is offering facilitator training for people who are interested in teaching this system, in an effort to spread the benefits of these protocols and processes to more and more people across every continent.

 Do you wish to embrace your divinity? Join in