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Lightness with Family!

Lightness with Family!

How have you been?

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year!

How are you enjoying the holiday season with family and friends? If anything, this pandemic has also given many of us the luxury to stay close with family. If you are going ‘Enjoyment and family in the same line? Nah!!’, then this video is definitely for you :D. Nila gently nudges you to look deeper and helps you find harmony in spite of all the different, ‘conflicting’ views you may have with your family members. If you are actually experiencing lightness, how would it be to choose more lightness with this simple exercise? Watch, play, choose and go beyond all the identifications you have held onto! Link below.

To Bright New Beginnings!

“You are a powerful creator and you have the ability to be or do or have anything that you desire. But you have got to begin by creating a vibrational atmosphere. Make yourself the vibrational starting point” – Abraham Hicks

To enable YOU to choose a higher vibrational starting point, Light Key facilitators have teamed up to offer you popular Basic Light key courses. Purchase any of this course before 15th Jan and avail a one-time discount coupon worth 11$ that can be used in future purchases from our website. We invite you to embrace your divinity – these courses can help you achieve that!

Here is an invite from us:

Joyous Body Protocol (Jan 4th) – by Tagit and Shifra

The most celebrated protocol in the Light Key system is part of the above package. If you are looking for more ease with body and would love to restore your body’s self-healing capacities – this class is just for you! What more – it’s a certified course and you can use it on your clients once certified.

Light Key protocol for Forgiveness ( Jan 5th) – by Elaine and Suguna

“Wow,A lady just called me now, Her son hadn’t speak with her over 10 years.After using the golden wings of kindness – they talk again,
I’m in awe… with tears in my eyes”

The above feedback from a Light Key facilitator says it all!  When you let go of the hurt and allow yourself to forgive, you open new doors for yourself and your loved ones! We invite you to learn this profound protocol and heal yourself.

What more – this protocol is a pre-requisite for upcoming free- call (details below) with Nila.

Healing the body through forgiveness (Jan 7th) – a free call with Nila

Have you experienced deep disappointment, hurt or betrayal in an important relationship? Did you know these unresolved issues can affect your health, finances or other relationships?

Forgiveness is an incredible healing path for releasing those whom you believe to have wronged you, not for their sake, but for your own health and being. Would you like to move beyond all the bitterness and emotional wounds to heal your body and rise above the past?

Join Nila in the free hangout session as she sets you free through an amazing healing session using forgiveness. As we forgive others, the world around us changes too!

Facilitator classes

There are quite a few facilitator classes coming up in Jan’21.Refer the list below. If you are one who is enjoying the Light Key classes and now inspired to become a facilitator, please register your interest by writing to

Lightness with Family


Upcoming Classes:

Training for facilitator of Joyous Embodiment

Training for Facilitator of Basic Light Medicine

Training for Facilitator of Basic Blueprint Course


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What more magic can we create together?

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