Like to have a dialogue with light?

Like to have a dialogue with light?

How are you doing?

We had the biggest paid class in Light key history for Quick Fix protocol. People loved it… see what they are saying:

“transformed totally”
“l loved it”
“ and light!”
“amazing. It’s brilliant”
“it’s wow…!!”

“so much release”
“Nila got a awareness where I was cursed.I saw the situation and cursed to be inflicted with pain.something shifted so much in my body.gratitude for this ease “
“it’s super ‘easy’ and super powerful”
“3 cheers to you creator Nila”
“quick indeed..awesome..loved it ..thank you so much :)”
“tooo quick”
“thank you Nila for amazing tool”

You can still get the recording if you be quick before the class link is disabled:

Dialogue with light

I had written about lightlogues earlier if you remember. Lightlogues are divine art forms infused with light keys, light key frequencies and colour frequencies. They are an invitation from the universe for us to open and receive. They establish a personal connection – like a 360 degree portal – with the universe. You can receive messages and information from the universe any time you like through these art forms.

I was doing a lightlogue for someone today. It came out kind of complicated and took a lot of time and colours. After completing it, I was crying profusely for 30 minutes- there was no apparent reason and it was tears of joy arising from the sense of being in touch with the source. I wish I could explain more but I can’t. That’s why I’m inviting you to experience yourself.

In June, I’m forming a group for lightlogues where I will post weekly lightlogues for Self Love, Relationships, Wealth and Health in black and white so that you can participate in the dialogue with light by colouring them. There is no right or wrong way to colour it. There is no judgment on how professional it looks. It’s just the willingness to receive that’s required for this experience.

You can also receive from the lightlogue as it is in many ways. Some of them are:

1) Print it out, touch and receive

2) Touch the electronic display on your gadget and receive

3) Gaze and meditate

The fee is just 21$ for the whole month – about 5$ per lightlogue for this powerful experience – well, I do not want to give it away for free 🙂

If you like to join, please go here:

Activating Prosperity

1.Activate your desire: We’ll go deep within your being and find what you actually desire not what is expected of you. Yes, the first step is asking the universe with clarity. You may very well be surprised what you find when you let go of the masks.

2.Identify and release blocks: When you have hold on to limiting beliefs and memories about prosperity subconsciously, you self sabotage yourself from embracing prosperity. In this step, we’ll dive deep and not only find these blocks but release them once for all using the awesome light key processes. You might even feel lighter physically

3.Energize the seeds of desire to physicalize: In this step, we’ll use various elements of the universe to energize the desire to quickly actualize in the physicalreality.

By attending these 3 calls in 3 consecutive days, you could move into the space of receiving and joy from the space of lack and frustration.

Please join with me for this if you are ready for a huge shift:

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What more magic can we create together?

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