Limitless Life enhancing opportunities

Limitless Life enhancing opportunities

Yesterday’s complimentary call by Nila Limitless possibilities with Light Matrix was a game changer.

We learnt that if we do not label dis-ease, difficulties, intensities and use them as raw energy, we can transmute them into myriad of possibilities and work for us.

Isn’t that exciting?

Can we be the Alchemists of our lives?

If you missed, you can access it on our YouTube channel Nila Mystic TV.

If you get floored with Light Matrix, we have a wonderful class product.

Basic Light Matrix Miracle

Talking about our YouTube community, apart from regular videos, members receive free healing and blessings sessions every week and a complementary call with Nila every month.

We are offering Taster sessions of potent processes like,

  • Star Glow facial,
  • Total Body Tune Up,
  • Spinal release with joy immersion,
  • Turbocharge Your body with Red Angel energy etc,

Starting from first week of February. Only for YouTube members (Elite category).

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Our Body being the vessel that carries us through this journey called Life deserves care and rejuvenation…. isn’t it?

To help you balance, heal and uplift your body’s vibration, Light Key Academy is coming up with 2 potent classes lead by me, Tamanna.

Light Key Protocol for Fluid Balance – V2

The fluids in our body— blood, enzymes, harmones etc play a pivotal role in healthy functioning of the body. Any imbalance creates discomfort and dis-ease.

This protocol helps energetically bring the fluids in a balanced state and incorporate healing.

Healing is a natural phenomenon of Body. We create stagnancy with our thoughts and emotions leading the body away from its natural tendency to heal.

Joyous Body Protocol activates the body’s healing capacity, strengthens immune system and creates a conducive environment in the body to heal.

Is your Body asking for this?

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Wishing you light and lightness,
Tamanna, Expert Healer
Team Light Key Academy