Love Blessings from Nila on Valentine’s day!

Love Blessings from Nila on Valentine’s day!

“I wasn’t good enough for him!”

“I don’t deserve this. It’s too good”

“Thanks for the gift, but I cannot accept. It is too expensive!”

Have you been telling yourself any or all of this; or something like this? You might be single and struggling to get into a relationship. You might be in a relationship or a marriage and so occupied and overwhelmed with your family that you have not been connecting with yourself.

In relationships, we often look at others or outside of us. Our judgements of people and quite often of our self! Whether they choose to be with us, ditch us or we ditch them, we leave them out or feel left out  are some common themes driving our self – worth.

Nila is offering a totally new paradigm shift for you to turn all this around. What if you were the source of love for you? And, for others? What if you were the right lover for you?

What if people flocked around you because they all felt the love and joy exuding from you? What if your choices and rejections were infused with lightness and liberated everyone involved rather than creating heaviness and bondage?

This paradigm shift is ‘Love Intensive’ ❤️

An audio loop, Lightlogue, EFT session, workshop and an exercise – all rolled into one to

  • Release Separation
  • Drop Self- Worth issues
  • Release loneliness
  • Attract harmonious relationships
  • Be the love you are

All this for just 48$ (not 183$) – offer ends on 13th Feb!

As a bonus you have ‘Attracting Right lover’ recorded workshop and 11$ gift coupon to purchase ‘Going beyond Rejection’ course.

Wait… it is not over yet! Nila has announced a super bonus of off line love blessings on Valentines day for the purchasers of this packages. It is likely to become live blessings over zoom if energy builds up.

Begin a love affair with yourself this Valentine’s Day. Check out Love Intensive on our offers page here:

If you have been following us, you must have come across ‘Expert Healer’ and of course ‘Joyous Body Protocol (JBP)’ which has evolved to advanced levels! Our advanced courses are all about a journey to heal your self in all dimensions, not just this one. These are advanced downloads that Nila shares with practitioners who have trained in a number of courses to offer the radiance of their being as an Expert Healers and JBP practitioners.

If you are a beginner or new to Light Keys, you might want a taste of the Expert Healer and JBP Level 2 processes.

Our magical ladies Hemalata Kotkar, Suguna Sathish and Tamanna Goplani will offer 3 magical sessions to increase your sense of belonging, joy and prosperity. You also stand a chance to win wonderful gifts when you attend and receive the divinity.

Here is a personal invitation from Hemalata:

A pattern shifted in my life when I did this process from Expert Healer level 1.

The opposite force which was splitting and fragmenting my spirit. Pattern of hard work, which kept limiting for not creating easy life. The process of Releasing linear programming and resonance to Limitations gave the sense of oneness. Suddenly I felt very light as if my being was carrying loads of weight.

Would you like to receive this from 3 amazing EXPERT HEALERS ?

We invite you to join us on 23rd February

Clear out your calendar and get ready to experience these powerful and kind processes. Your experience of your body will never be the same again.

We have made it easy for you – all the wonderful sessions just for 33$ (not 132$)!

Register now!

Did you know? The amazing Conscious body protocol is on offer ONLY for a week starting today?


Release and Remove Viruses 

Here is a healing video from Nila which she gifted a year ago and has been making waves again recently. People have reported miraculous shifts in their health simply by listening to the video

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