Magic story and Complimentary Healing

Magic story and Complimentary Healing

How have you been?

Would you like to get inspired by a magic story? Here is one shared by Nila:

“I have been doing monthly energy transmissions as guided and every month, I get whispers from the beings who like to contribute. This month, Mother Mary and Egyptian God Ra were prominent but two more beings who wanted to contribute were not coming through clearly. When I was going to announce just two transmissions for September, Horus showed up and then Isis. Isis has been a big contribution to light key wellness system and I wondered why she came through so late for transmission.

After announcing, I was curious to know a bit more about these Egyptian deities and started reading.. To my surprise, Ra and Horus are referred side by side in Egyptian mythology and also came to know that Isis is the mother of Horus! No wonder, they are coming through to contribute together. I got goose bumps all over when I read.”

We wonder how powerful September is going to be!

There are two male and two female energies coming through strongly to balance our energy field. Isn’t it exciting? If you like to experience magic, you may want to jump into the transmissions. Get a taste of a divine healing transmission by Nila. YouTube link is given at the end.

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It is time to get Body Happy Again!

Tamanna is leading the Joyous Body Protocol Free Group Healing session this month. Register for some yummy pampering. A JBP session is great way to heal and rejuvenate your body. It feels like a sigh of relief that the body can eventually move beyond stuckness.

Register here:

We have so much to share with you this time, we are at a loss of words. Nila announced ‘Exploding into Possibilities’ 3 call series, and we suddenly realize, that our Events calendar is choc a bloc! We wonder what might be possible for you with these calls, you have believed to be impossible in this lifetime?! Get them at a crazy discounted price till 6th September.

Check for the gift coupon details on the page.

We had more than 100 people on the ‘Light and Slender Body’ call with Nila. Here is what some of them had to say.

“I feel very light after the Fire of Light!  I will continue to use this process to instill Light Lightness and Kindness”

“This was one amazing call……and let me tell you, I didn’t just work on a thinner body, other things came up and I worked on them too….. lot of heaviness released.
There are lot of subtle patterns we don’t even know they exist and we operate from them. Getting aware of those was in itself a healing!”

If you wish to catch the recording, get it here:

You can also get it at a discounted price as a part of Feather – Lite Body, which also has 2 more Live sessions

  • Fat Burning Transmission form Arcturian Medical Council
  • Drop the Weight Now – EFT Session

Go here to know more about them.

P.S.: The discount ends soon.

Lastly, we wouldn’t miss to tell you about the Vortex of Light Meditation for Releasing Ancestral and Genetic Limitations!

Vortex of Light is an amazing gift from the source of light. Getting the Vortex of Light attunement is like putting out an ask to the universe for a magic wand to change anything! We have had a great Vortex of Light series at Infinite Healing (you can search for previous calls on the Shop page) and here is yet another gem in the series, to release all the ancestral wounds nad genetic memories that no longer enable you to thrive.

Gift coupon offer details are mentioned on the page.

“Vortex of Light Meditation for manifesting your desires opened a whole new realms of possibilities – our brains were rewired and energy grid for creation & attraction installed! It was very very deep meditation like never before!”

Divine Healing Transmission – YouTube Link

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