Magical healing from Arcturian Medical Council

Magical healing from Arcturian Medical Council

This is Nila writing to you with an interesting story.

I have been working with energies beyond this world for quite a while but still I doubt myself and my awareness some times. That’s ok too… they will nudge you gently until you can step up! That’s what happens to me all the time.

Arcturian Medical Council has been nudging me to do healing sessions for specific body conditions/illnesses such as BP, diabetes etc. I have been slacking and the skeptic in me wanted to do some trials before going forward!

Yesterday, in a private session, BP came up as a concern and they nudged me to do the trial. Just after 3 minutes the pressure came down by 10 points. Astonished by the results, we did a bit longer session today and it came down by 13 points and it was very close to normal.

So, I am wondering what magic the fat burning transmission from AMC is going to bring up! Coming up in a few hours. Join in:

The next awareness Development circle is like to be working with Arcturians. If you are interested, please let us know.

Can you create more for you with forgiveness?

There is only love. Everything else is temporary. How much of resentments are you carrying that’s showing up as lack, fat, conflict in your life?

Carrying resentment hurts you more than the actual event itself. What if you can set yourself completely free by letting go!

If you are a forgiveness protocol practitioner, you have the opportunity to attend the practice session for free next week to heal the spiritual wounds you may be carrying for life times! You will receive the zoom link by email, if you have enabled to receive promotional email. (You can do this through my account setting)

You can also get the recording of 5 forgiveness sessions and 1 live class at 50% discount! The topics are pretty powerful:

  • Being an invitation for amazing relationships through forgiveness
  • Shed excess Fat and Weight with Forgiveness
  • Expanding your financial reality through forgiveness
  • Healing the body through forgiveness — Recording
  • Profound Healing of Spiritual Wounds from All Lifetimes — Recording
  • Manifesting Your Desires With Forgiveness Protocol

If you are not a practitioner of Forgiveness Protocol, please feel free to get the class from here:

Become a certified healer with ease and grace!

It is time to celebrate! Joyous Body Protocol is back with Facilitator Tamanna this week.

If you are new to Light Keys or been on the fence with JBP, here is a little introduction in a nutshell.

JBP is the most celebrated protocol of the Light Keys Wellness System. Here is why…

It is a simple step by step application of the Light Keys on specific locations of the body

It takes about 3 hours to learn and is extremely easy to practice.

It can be done in person and as a distance healing.

A single session takes about 20 – 25 minutes.

No prior healing experience required – curiosity and desire to learn might help.

It can be learnt by absolutely anyone.

You can use it on yourself as add on healthcare routine and professionally on clients as well.

 It is a certified course. You can become a certified healer after this class!

You only require YOU to learn and practice this modality.

Potential benefits are not limited to the following:

  • Stronger immune system.
  • Energy blocks cleared in the body.
  • Enhanced energy flow.
  • An overall sense of well – being and vitality.

Here is what a few practitioners had to say:

“Even single JBP session is creating beautiful impression for sure. That’s a Awesome take away. 🙏🏻❤️✨✨✨✨
JBP works both ways giving and receiving. When I am giving I am also receiving awareness. What can I ask for.My love for JBP is increasing day by day. Thank you Nila. ❤️”

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