Magical shift with your body

Magical shift with your body

I have had an aversion towards having a body for a long time which changed considerably after practising so many energy healing techniques for nearly 2 decades.

However, I started enjoying having a body and have total gratitude for the body since I completed an 11-day practice of Joyous Body Protocol. It is such a huge shift for me.

The craving went away, gum issues healed, energy flow increased, eyesight improved, received lots of compliments for my appearance from many quarters- even from a person who never appreciated me for anything before. Other practitioners have also experienced major shifts. See what some of them are saying:

“I have noticed the following changes since I did the Joyous Body Protocol.
I have more ease with my body.
My fingers in my left hand used to tremble for many years, that’s gone
I had a fungal infection in my toe, that’s healed.
My eyes used to water frequently, that has greatly eased
I have more energy in my body.
The soles of both of my feet used to lose sensation and get numb. That is now gone. I have full feeling in my feet now.
Three weeks back I had a severe cold and cough.
The coughing caused a bulge in my lower abdomen, the initial signs of hernia. I used the kindness Key and master keys in that area twice a day. The swelling has gone and there is no discomfort when I cough now. I also used the Infinite healing health Key there as well
Dandruff situation has greatly improved.
Overall I feel more at ease and relaxed.
So just acknowledging the magic of the keys.
I continue to do the keys on my body once a day

If a body can produce a new heart for a baby, can’t it heal its own heart? If it can eject a live body out of it naturally, can’t it eject unwanted elements on its own?

Today completed 11 days. This protocol gave me a miracle reducing the pain in my back and hip by 80% I was having It for years I would say at least 10 yrs. A stubborn pain where I can hardly sit for half an hour. But now I can sit for a long time. Thank sis Nila so much for the opportunity.

You can also use this protocol with others to assist with their healing journey either in person or remotely. What magic can you create for yourself and others?

Remember, you also receive a certificate of completion. Please feel free to join to make this plunge into blissful living:

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I look forward to seeing you in class.

In appreciation of you,