Make Money from Judgements

Make Money from Judgements

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Can you make money from judgements… yes, absolutely…

See this video of my facilitation:

In this video, I facilitate one of my clients to use judgements to her advantage. As you can see, the client smoothly and gently moves from very intense emotions to total lightness in a few minutes. Some feedback we received from my group coaching call:

I must say I am getting access tools at different level Nila, receiving judgments. hoo hoo

I am acknowledging my capacity to move my customers quickly from victimhood to being Victorious and that’s why I am called ‘The Magic Lady‘. I shared my insights in ‘The Art of facilitation‘ call last week which is now available as a product. You will be learning the following in this 2-hour call:

1. You as a facilitator – What to be & do
2. Dynamics between you and your client
3. In the session – How to be & do
4. Your client’s journey from Victimhood to Victorious
5. Don’ts
6. Q & A

You can get it from this link:

More Peace, Calm and Empowerment

Light Key protocols combine the vibrations of Light Keys and Light Key Frequencies to address specific issues. I am going to do a class teaching two protocols for the price of 1:

Baby Sleep Protocol

This protocol calms the nerves, relaxes and facilitates deeper, restful sleep. It takes less than 5 minutes to perform and helps greatly in releasing stress & emotional distress too.

This can also be used for babies with sleep issues. Suitable for all ages.

Belief clearing protocol

We build our lives around the beliefs we have about ourselves and life. They could be very limiting and preventing us from creating the life we desire. This protocol gently releases these beliefs and helps you build your life with ease.

This is a very powerful and life-changing protocol.

Please feel free to join:

Also, currently, we have up to 67% intro offer for many Light key courses and protocols. The prices are going up from March. If you like to take advantage of this amazing offer, please visit our shop:

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