**Manifest with Super Moon**

**Manifest with Super Moon**

August has been all about letting go of the past impressions from this or previous lifetimes that have been ruling our lives until now. Here is a mind blowing share by Tamanna from the 1st Shedding the Shackles of Slavery – 3 call series. You can still join in LIVE for the 3rd call and catch up with the recordings of the rest.

“Oops!!! What a call!! It surely is a Steal Deal!
I am so glad I joined the Slavery calls. So potent!
I never thought I would have slaves protecting me and that showed up as a skin condition. This awareness came up in the call.
And the awareness of how many places we are operating from Slavery mindset…..it’s not just the literal meaning of the word.
I kept crying all through the call…..so much of Releasing. 
Feeling confident now to own up my truth….though I always had this awareness but felt short as couldn’t take in certain things from ppl around me.
I now feel confident enough to let go of my giving in to family norms, societal norms. Thankyou so so much Nila 🙏

Looking fwd to the next call…… letting go off slavery to concepts like success, failure, relationships. Today’s call was so potent, so much release, body was moving involuntarily……… I wonder what the next call holds for us”


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Even single JBP session is creating beautiful impression for sure. That’s a Awesome take away. 🙏🏻❤️✨✨✨✨
JBP works both ways giving and receiving. When I am giving I am also receiving awareness. What can I ask for.My love for JBP is increasing day by day. Thank you Nila. ❤️

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