Mother Mary’s Purple Diamond

Mother Mary’s Purple Diamond

One fine day when I was working in the cozy corner in my office, I saw a vision of Mother Mary with infant Jesus. Mother gave me a big Purple Diamond and said that she was very happy with me.

You see, my visions are not physical. They are mental images and movies. Those were early days of my spiritual work and I thought I was going nuts – ‘How can such a great soul come to a tiny soul like me?’ was my suspiscion. Besides, I had never heard about purple diamond – heard of blue diamonds and pink diamonds. But purple diamond? I smiled at my creativity for making one up!

After a couple of days I casually googled for Purple diamond. The title of the third entry in the page was something like ‘Mother Mary appeared and gave me purple iamond’ – I was literally shocked. It was an account of another lady in the USA. She had described her vision and also had interpreted that purple diamond means power.

wow! How can such a thing be a coincidence? Since then many times Mother Mary has appeared in my visions and in my healing sessions.

Once when I was in a healing session, I felt The Mother giving me energy thro’ the crown of my head. I physically felt the light passing thro’ my body. The healer was holding my hands then and she started feeling very dizzy. She could not stand any more. I pulled up a chair for her and gave her some water. She said her body was vibrating with energy that was not hers. She wanted to give it to me back. She put her palms on mine and we both felt the energy passing back to me. She instantaneously felt better.

Another time Mother gave me a pink crystal which melted and blended with my body. I learnt from the healer that in the ancient civilizations, that was one of the healing modes!

A couple of weeks back I was participating in a workshop where we were asked to get in touch with our guides. I was expecting guides from Satori but Mother M and Infant J appeared! I suppose they are also guiding me.

Recently, I happened to go thro’ the notes from a reading a powerful medium gave me about 3 years back. He had asked me to hold Mother Mary and Infant Jesus in my thoughts – Wow!

It all seems to have been planned – but I, an impatient human still don’t surrender to the divine:-)

Perhaps, that’s also part of the plan 🙂

You know onething – I seem to realize a lot when I write my experiences! Interesting, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading!