Move From Struggle to Brilliance — Create differently

Move From Struggle to Brilliance — Create differently

How easy is it for you to create change? What if you didn’t need to change anything or anyone else? Just changing the energy of your experience can create change for you. Watch this video by Nila where she gives you a Light Key tool and a quick, simple exercise to transmute energy to your advantage. Link is given at the end.

Can clearing conflicts open up space for wellbeing and money?
Ever wondered how much energy you have invested in opposing a point of view, person or a situation? How much of this conflicted energy is stuck in your body? Does this energy keep you at logger heads with life?

Close your eyes and think ‘Conflict’ for a second. What was the sensation? Did it feel light and expansive? Would you be able to create for you from this space?

What if releasing conflict was not about you being right or wrong? It was simply about choosing to move beyond the energy and step into a creative way of being? About bringing in lightness in your life?

Nila is leading ‘Wellness through Conflict Resolution’ and ‘Resolving the Conflict with Money’ where she will facilitate you to go beyond the energy that keeps you limited and prevents you from achieving the joy of better health and finances.

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The pre requisite for these calls is the Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution. If you are yet to experience this beautiful protocol, you can get the recorded training here:

Here is a share:
“Conflict resolution protocol ..put a person in a very critical condition back to consciousness and healed his ruptured lungs in totality much against the timelines and expectations of the Medical fraternity in my Universe ..
Walking him through the Golden globe of Kindness…. And .. healing process of the Earth.. for his further recovery..
Thanks a lot Nila Ma’am.“
“Conflict resolution is amazing…
it really saved me today, when I had sadly to say goodbye to a beloved being…🙌🙌

Get in touch with your creative brilliance!
Does creation come easily to you? When you are putting something together – your class, your business, an event, your life, do things flow easily and magically? Or, do you feel overwhelmed and doubtful?

Join the ‘Creation Call’ series with Nila to tap into the ease and joy of creation. Creation Calls are free flow calls with Nila that will enable you to create more business, increase revenue, be more confident and have more clarity and confidence.

Step into a more brilliant, creative you! Be an invitation and create space for all things greater to show up! A brilliant 4 call extravaganza at a really great discount!

“Had an absolutely amazing session with nila the magic lady. Weip? How did I get so lucky? Feeling so light and happy 😊”
“What a beautiful session it was, Nila. Untangled and articulated issues in a very simple way. I feel even more light now and planning to start on the exercises given to me.”
“It was an amazing session. Now I am able to breathe easily and I got the thing that I don’t to have a business to have floods of money and freedom. I can create be it from the point where I’m right now. Thank you so much.”

We Are Giving You a Taste of Magic
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Learn simple, easy, self – care techniques. Join Nila for a Free Light Key Experience. Spend some time to reconnect with your self.

Do you want to create your business magically? Expand the realms of your creation beyond imagination – That is ‘Business Magic’


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