MP3 clearing audio for creating money with ease

MP3 clearing audio for creating money with ease

How have you been? Thank you for the feedback some of you have been sending on the clearing audio. Very grateful. What magic can we create together?

Miracle Diary

Last week I wanted to attend a Tai Chi class and went to the venue by walk after the work only to find that the school was closed and there was no one in the vicinity to make any queries. I was wondering what to do next and I saw a lady walking inside the school campus and waved at her. I was not even sure if she could see me but she walked towards me and told me that I was at the wrong entrance and it would take 10 min for me to walk around and reach the main entrance. How does it get any better than this? I thanked her and told her that I will quit the class as I was a bit tired to do the walk. That kind lady offered to drive around and get me! I accepted her offer and she did pick me up and drove me to the venue! What other miracle can I create and what more magic can I be? How about you? Are you acknowledging the magic are you being?

Tool of the day

Do you have any obsession with something or someone? Do you keep creating the  same kind of patterns over and over again? If you do, probably you have some fixed points of you or strong beliefs about something or someone. Would you like to change that with ease?  The fixed points of you or beliefs could be something like – ‘I can never be rich…’, ‘Nobody likes me…’, ‘I can never be happy…’, etc.  And you may be creating life situations around these beliefs. Next time you hit something that you don’t desire – could be any sort of emotion or life situation that you would like to change – just ask.

‘What is the fixed point of you or belief behind this?’ If you are familiar with access consciousness clearing statement which goes something like this: “Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD, POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds” Just say this after the question. If you are not familiar with this, you can simply challenge that thought or belief. Just ask ‘What if this is not true?’ and you choose to let it go just by 1% at least  –  just a little bit. So every second if you do this letting go, would you be free of it eventually? May be as soon as in 100 seconds… 🙂 🙂 If that’s not possible, would you choose probably 5 times a day –  Just to let go off that belief a little bit. That is  you don’t choose to believe it any more. And you can also choose not to believe it  just for 5 seconds at a time. And if you don’t like the space, you can always bring it back. Just for 5 seconds don’t believe that thought or belief -how easy is it. What/Who would you be without this belief? See how it goes and let me know.

Here is the tool in video: Please feel free to share.


Creating a magical life with ease

Close your eyes and get the energy of your life. Is it expansive or limiting? Do you dream about having a magical life? Do you feel stuck somehow? Do you realize that you are the source of your life? What if you can change anything that’s not working for you with total ease? Are you willing to create and have your magical life? Are you willing to reclaim all of you by unlocking your potency in totality? Are you willing to invest a bit of time for you to learn some simple magical tools? Will you give permission to yourself to have some fun with this workshop??

Investment: 24 USD
Date: 24th Aug, 2014. 2:00 PM BST / 6:30 PM IST / 2:00 PM WET/ 9:00 AM EDT / 9:00 PM Malaysian time

Digital services

Did you know that we also support healers and facilitators with their challenges with technology? We set up and maintain websites, assist with classes and telecalls, promote them through social media, create mobile apps… what else would you require? You ask and you receive! For more details, please feel free to reply to this email.

Audio Download

How much more money can we create and generate with this clearing: (This link expires on September 11th 2014)

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What magic can we be for each other?

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