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My encounter with the Spirit Doctor

My encounter with the Spirit Doctor

How have you been?

I wanted to share an interesting recent experience with you today.

Two days back, when I went to bed, I could not sleep and I sensed a high vibrational being near me. He introduced himself as Mosho, the spirit doctor. He said he wanted to impart his knowledge of Chinese medicine to me. Well, why would I say no? He touched my palms and heart and it was done! He also did some alignment work on my body and I passed out. Woke up earlier than usual with so full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Yesterday, he brought his team to offer physical healing for the group who joined the awareness call. See below some of the messages we received after the call:

“Thank you so much Nila, for such a beautiful meditation. Feeling loved, light and expansive. The acute pain in my shoulders has dissolved with the healing from Dr.Mosho.”

“Thank you so much for the awsomest meditation journey we did today. Future seems so bright and promising 🌈😍🤗🙏”

“Received great healing”

Well, we are teaming again tomorrow – I, Dr. Mosho and the Light. If you are ready to claim your wings, join us in the 11 day journey at 90% discount!

We have an awesome line up of calls with amazing facilitators! In addition, we have special discounts for people who purchase the Festival of Light Ticket! What a grand way to celebrate the end of this year!

I will see you tomorrow!

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