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My gift for setting up a magical new year!

My gift for setting up a magical new year!

How have you been?

You must be excited that the new year is around the corner.

How was 2019 for you? Did you enjoy all that you created in 2019? What would you like to change in 2020?

When you acknowledge that you are the master of your universe and you create your life, everything falls into place as if by magic. You can achieve this self mastery in many ways. One of them is by giving yourself permission to have and be everything – as simple as that. I have made a video to help you with this – This is my new year gift for you:

Light Key practice can also help you achieve this mastery in a very simple and effective way. You can learn this practice by going through the basic self study course which is on 52% discount currently:

Here is a feedback on this practice:

“I stopped drinking alcohol and eating meat the last 3 months, re-united with some old friends I haven’t seen for over 2 years, stopped having anxiety about money, feel more empowered to be the creator of my reality.”

Feel free to join the wonderful community.

Would you like to help Australia?

You might have read that Australia is facing one of its worst seasons of bush fires. Thousands of people, plants and animals are impacted.  I wonder how much of a trauma it would create for the people and the land.

We have a free call coming up on Sunday, the 5th of Jan to heal the trauma and abuse of the land using light key protocol. There is no prerequisite for this call. The protocol will be walked through and all you have to do is to bring yourself with an open mind and no expectation. Together, what magic can we create for the land we are in which includes your home, town, country and planet. I invite you to join and help the land heal:

How fabulous it would be if we can have people from countries across the earth join this call to come together for the planet?

Would you know anyone in Australia or any other country that needs healing who would be willing to contribute? Would you please share this class with them?

Did you know that you can download ’50 questions to change anything magically’ ebook by referring us to 5 of your friends? Please click here to refer and download it.

I wish you and your family a great, grand and a magical 2020 and beyond!

In appreciation of you,