My personal facilitation for you? (Time—sensitive)

My personal facilitation for you? (Time—sensitive)

How have you been? I hope you enjoyed the silence for 3 days! 🙂

How are things? Are you flowing freely or stagnated? Would you like some support? I am doing a group coaching call today and you are invited to join… no strings attached:

Do you feel rejected by your clients?

One of the main problems I have seen with healers and coaches is the lack of clients. I surely used to face this issue but not anymore. What changed? I changed; I changed internally; I changed my approach to existing clients; I changed the vibration I was sending out.

Everything changed. Now in 6 months, Light key system, the modality I channeled is being practiced in about 40 countries and there is so much demand for my services that I can choose what I like to do. My clients develop the business for me. There’s so much ease with my practice.

Would you like to know how you can do it too? Please join the Art of Facilitation call. I recommend this for anyone who is in the service industry dealing with people one on one: Teachers, healers, therapist, doctors, etc. I will be covering the following aspects and more:

a) The preparation – How you be
b) Dynamics between you and your clients
c) In the session – Dos and Donts

I just finished the art of facilitation course!!! Wowwww- it’s as if all gems were collected in one tray !! How do you do it ? Another gratitude email to draft now – love you lots”

This class is a prerequisite for Light Key facilitators and so, if you like to be a facilitator at some point, you may like to attend this live now rather than doing a self-study later:

Lightlogues in July

I have been in awe while looking at the lightlogues coloured by the practitioners – most of them indicate one thing clearly: The pituitary gland, the master of all glands which is responsible for higher consciousness is activated.

So, if you are interested in gaining more awareness and ease while colouring like a child, please join us just for 21$ to receive weekly lightlogues in July:

See what the practitioners are saying:

“Thank you so much. The lightlogues are beautiful. This one is such an invitation to a sense of calm and peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the day.”

“I love it.❤ Thank u. I am feeling all the heavy energy in U S A today. This is the first time looking at this that heaviness dropped.Last night I cleared entities that jumped on me knowing how empathetic a person I am. 5 of them jumped like mad when I demanded they leave..and they were colorful..So thank u much .. you are the gift that keeps giving.❤”

“Thank you for this nila. Really have such an expansive feeling colouring and engaging with it”

Classes in the next 7 days

Training for Facilitators of Joyous Body Protocol:

Certified Level 1 Light Medicine Practitioner Course:

Awareness/Psychic development circle (July 2020):

The Art of Facilitation:

Light Key Vortices for life & beyond with Rapid Response Protocol:

Our free groups:

We cordially invite you to join our ‘Light key mastery’ public group with Nila/Nimi.




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