My secret weapon!

My secret weapon!

How have you been?

Thank you for your appreciations for my last newsletter! Glad it was helpful.

I like to share something important with you today – Something that can change your life!

In 2011, I channelled a healing technique via Mother Mirra Alfassa and that changed my life all together. I left my job and became a full time healer for two years which enriched my life beyond belief. I have been able to change the limitations at will with this single technique.

I did not have the courage to share the information with the public until recently when I was consistently being prompted to share. I sought volunteers to try this technique and surprisingly, I got about 300 responses!

I chose 33 people and shared the details of the practice. What a grand adventure it was! See some of the feedbacks here:

“Had few new contacts for our business. Got new orders. Excited to experience the exponential growth in our business.” – Kavitha

“I love doing these keys.. it’s effortless. It seems like life itself is becoming more effortless.” – Kate Song

“I experienced a lot of space and expansiveness while practicing all the keys. I’m noticing I’m having more joy in my day to day activities. Life is just better right now. Thank you Nila Nimi Nirmala Raju for sharing this amazing gift!!” – MN

Would you like to know more about it? Please click the link below:

I have put together an ebook of 50 questions that you can ask to change anything magically! To claim it, please click here.

What more magic can we create together?

Infinite gratitude,