Nila may be coming to your town

Nila may be coming to your town

How have you been? This is Nila writing to you after a whirlwind trip in India – in 2 weeks, I got to lead two retreats, attend a wedding, compere a gathering, choreograph a group dance (and dance too!), sing two exclusive family songs, travel with a celebrity, build a memorial for my mom and so on! Phew! 

All these intense experiences were gathered in numerous towns and remote villages across 4 states in the scorching heat. My body coped with all these well and everyone around me kept complimenting my energy level and enthusiasm. I could not have managed all this without the luminosity blessing stream that we had set up to support the registrants in May.. It brought so much support for my body, mind and spirit! Registration for June’s blessing stream is closing on 31st May. Please jump in, if you like. We have been receiving beautiful testimonials from May blessings. Check these out:

“Feeling blessed to have the blessings. I feel a hand on my head last two days when I connect to the blessings chamber. What seemed like a simple proposal at work was taken up for discussion among my bank’s top management and I got appreciated for working through all ‘noise’…”

“OMG! My sleeping time is over exceeding the limits! Every new day brings a lot of energy and makes me explore coming out of my comfort zone physically! Thank you fir these great feel which seems to continue limitlessly! Thank you mam”

“Today was a sleepy day for me. I felt super sleepy all day long. I have been feeling very emotional. I cried a lot. A lot of frustration and emotions came out. The issue with my parents resolved after 1 week time. Now I feel peaceful. Finally came for a walk after so many days to get some fresh air. Feeling much better. Thank you”

❤️Retreats in your town

My awareness is that we have upgraded our vibration so high through the light key courses and now got to integrate these changes in the body. Universe is asking me to travel now and do in-person body work to facilitate this. Retreats in chennai and mumbai have created lot more body awareness and changes in the bodies. I am glad to share some of the bliss and the kind words from the participants:

“Lots of gratitude and blessings to you Nila for creating such an awesome, blissful n Divine retreat.. just trying to keep myself grounded, don’t know from which island I have landed now, which zone I was, not trying to figure it out, but whatever it was Iam totally in gratitude.. Thank you all the participants, in person n online, the combine energy brings lots of shifts .. gratitude to entire team of Nila for helping us to reach out for this amazing retreat .. love you all”

“Thank you very much mam! It’s like a dream come true moment for me! When you gave the personal healing to everyone it is preserved. The time was flying with cherishable moments Thank you for the abundant kindness”

“Thank you so much dear Nila for the blissful day full of blessings. How did I get so lucky. Thank you everyone for your contribution.”

I keep getting more and more aware of body work. Every retreat seems to bring out something more potent. 

Just after my hectic tour, recently, my body just slumped into a chair and refused to move. I managed to make it to the bed somehow but could neither sleep nor relax. My body felt so blocked and breathing was very shallow – like 1/10. 

Then started receiving clear instructions of the new process – body morphosis –  a series of slightly interesting movements, breathing, eye movements and sounds. When I finished the process, I was back to normal – energy flow and breathing got restored almost to the full capacity & my range of movements was better than before.  

I would love to share this in the next retreat and wondering where it is going to be! West coast of US is calling and we are exploring the possibilities of a retreat in Hintington Beach, Orange County, CA on 25th of June. You can also attend the retreats online. Please give us a shout, if you like to have more details. 

Israel, Canada and New Jersey are calling next. If there is willingness to step up, the universe will find a way to take me there. So, please register your interest, if you choose.

❤️Gift of Healing

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