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Nila/Nimi’s interview in the Newsletter from Access Consciousness South East Asia

Nila/Nimi’s interview in the Newsletter from Access Consciousness South East Asia

1. What are some of the changes you have had since finding Access Consciousness®? 

A. “My whole life has changed in every aspect – I am happier than ever, have more freedom and expanding business internationally. Access has empowered me to create magic every day and have fun with life. The coolest part is that the magic catches up with other people so fast. What a grand and glorious contribution that is!” 

2. What drew you to access in the first place? 

A. “I was looking for something to “fix” me as I am a total weirdo and could never fit in anywhere. I learnt and practiced so many modalities and everything gave me temporary and marginal relief from my “abnormality”. Access totally shifted my obsession to fix myself by giving me a totally new perspective that my wrongness was my strongness. Oh boy that just blew me away!”

 3. What’s your favourite tool? And why?

A. “There are so many and difficult to pinpoint one. One of the favourites is ‘Interesting Point of View.’ I repeatedly see that this simple allowance tool has shifted the polarity for many with such ease. It is as easy as flipping the coin but your life changes phenomenally I am so grateful to Gary and Dain for this magical tool.”

4. What’s your favourite class and why? What motivates you to be an Access facilitator?

A. “My favourite is the Access Foundation class because people are exposed to mind blowing Access concepts and get many ‘aha’ moments. The shift and expansion is huge… People turn their life around with the empowerment and start to create magic. That’s what motivates me to be the facilitator.”




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