Nila’s confession and gift!

Nila’s confession and gift!

Nila here this time… how have you been? Have you been flowing with ease and grace?
I have a confession to make!
I have felt very uncomfortable in this dense reality at various levels in different part of my life. There is an inherent knowing of much lighter reality that makes me rush towards that all the time. This has created so much frustration for me and attracted a lot of anger from others as I have had a tendency to drag people along with me too.
The inherent knowing has turned into surreal experiences in the recent years. Some times I have wondered if these are just my insane fantasies or just wild dreams that had no meaning as they are so far from this reality. However, they are consistent and repeatedly validating themselves! Well, if all that’s true, what am I supposed to do with these? Who is really interested in these possibilities even? How do I bring them into this reality? My mind plays tricks with these questions.
There are some places or moments on earth that show me the energy of “my home”. I sob uncontrollably out of joy when I am in these moments and hear the messages from the spirit loud and clear. Recently, I had this experience at Bear Lodge, a natural monument. Perhaps, the messages I received from there would be the breakthrough. I realized what stands between the golden reality and this dense reality is ME – the identification & definition of who I am; Who I can be and who I should be. I think the death of my ego has started finally. Recently, in this reality, I am experiencing many “losses” – especially with people. In the past, whenever my vibration changed, some of my very close friends left – absolutely without a reason. But this time, the scale is all together in a different level. Seems like an exodus 😄Well, when there is no ‘I’, who is actually leaving who?
I wonder what’s in the store next! Watch the space😄
I would love to hear what’s going on with you.
Have you frozen any part of your body?
Abuse or Trauma creates freeze response.Our home was burgled when I was 10 which created a very deep impact in my financial reality. I used to be so scared to have valuables and had set a glass ceiling for what I could have!
Did you or any of your loved ones experienced any of the following?
a) Sexual violence
b) Physical violence
c) Emotional violence
d) Sudden/unexpected Loss
e) Accident
Did you freeze any part of your body as a result?
I am doing a 2 in 1 class at a great discount to release abuse and trauma from all levels of your being. I invite you not to miss the class as this is likely to create huge shift in the way you live your life and bring great joy with your body!
Existing Abuse and trauma protocol practitioners can join the 2 in 1 class at just 29$
Let’s choose lightness and slender!
Here is a super interesting question for you…
Do you create your body out of judgement or out of joy of it?
You often see bodies being labelled thin, fat, tall, short, etc. It is almost like putting bodies in a box and then the being and body struggle to break free.
What if you could create the body such that it a joy to be in? A body beyond labels, pain, illness and difficulty; how does that sound?
I am conducting a complimentary call – Light and Slender Body. Notice how there is no judgement around it. It is about creating a body out of joy!
What would your body lose if it chose lightness? What is your body’s natural ‘Slender’?
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