No cost clearing circle

No cost clearing circle

Dear friends,

How have you been? We had fun with Lightness of Living 🙂 class!

Here is a feedback:

Lightness of Living ! Really a awesome class ! I will give it a god zillion How did I get so Lucky to attend ? Amazing ! – KN, Malaysia

Did you know that it was a 5$ class?

Tool of the day

I had recently written an article in Access Consciousness, UK newsletter. I just wanted to share it with you all:

Lightness of Living

Nothing can stick to us without the wall of resistance we are putting up to any aspect of life.The energetic barriers we build are the ones that actually hold the limiting energy that we struggle so hard to get rid of. What if living is light & fun and we make it heavy with all these barriers? Are you willing to choose lightness of living by destroying and uncreating all the barriers and be totally vulnerable? This question has created fear and panic in many of my clients.

What if dissolving the wall of resistance can be simple & gentle? Would you be willing to play with me by doing this exercise? Perceive the energy of something that makes you feel heavy. Now perceive where the heaviness is in your body. Can you sense the barrier that is holding this in place? Are you willing to open a tiny window in this barrier? Just for the next 10 seconds? yes? When you are ready, can you allow the heaviness to pass thro’ this window? yes? How is the heaviness? Lighter or heavier? How about opening one more tiny window, a little bigger than the previous one? yes? May be one more? A few more?

How about allowing the remaining heaviness to pass through these? How is the heaviness? Lighter or heavier? How about opening a door now? Just for the next 10 seconds. You can close it after the 10 seconds, if you choose. Door opened? Can you simply allow all that is coming up through these doors and windows? All the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs – all that is creating the heaviness can pass through now instead of sticking to you.

How is the heaviness? Lighter? Are you now willing to bring down the whole wall? Is it easier than before? Do it! Is there any heaviness left? If it does, would you be willing to destroy and uncreate all the imprints of the heaviness? POC & POD What would it take for you to choose Lightness of Living? 🙂

Free clearing circle

I am inspired to set up a regular clearing circle to transform the heaviness on the planet. In the first circle on Friday, we are going to be releasing judgments.

Do you want to join the magic?

There are many classes coming up but I wanted to highlight just one – 30 days to magic (4 call series): I get upgrades everywhere I go even without asking – hotels/flights/conference rooms etc. Things/people just show up when I need them to… what if this magic is available to all of us? Have you learnt so many tools but still ‘something is missing’ in your life? What if the trick is in using the tools not just learning them? Are you ready for a magical 4 weeks journey to abundance?

What do you learn?

* 30 tools and exercises that bring effective changes in any area of your life with ease 
* How to apply the tools on daily basis

What do you receive?

* Recording of the presentation to listen repeatedly.
* Work book to assist your practice
* Review of your practice/progress every week.
* Clearing the resistance to change 
* Daily email reminders to assist you with your practice

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? What magic can you be & create if you choose this call?

With loads of gratitude,

Nila /Nimi