No cost mobile apps for relationships

No cost mobile apps for relationships

How are you? I am doing good… really chilled. How does it get any better than this? How about you and what are you upto?

I am seeing some of you flourishing, some of you stepping up and some of you choosing to be the same… well done!

Quirky question

Do you love the person or the idea of the person?

A friend of mine was so deep in depression because she was not getting the support she was expecting from her husband. She kept repeating that she loves him so much but there is a huge gap between them. I understood from her that he did not abuse her but lack of intimacy hurt her very badly.

I asked her what would make her happy and she said him being more romantic would lift her from the depression. If you are in a similar situation, I would ask you to ask yourself some questions:

1) If I am expecting my lover to be different from the way they are, do I really love them or the person I have pictured them to be?

What if you have a picture of how a lover should be and projecting that picture on them? If you are truly in love with that person, would you like them to be different?

2) Is my lover capable of meeting my requirements?

Asking people to change their nature to meet your requirement is neither kindness not love. Love is being in total allowance of the other person. If you like to pet a dog, but got a cat instead, would it work if you force a cat to bark?See what you truly like to have from the relationship and if your lover can give you that.

3) What am I not giving myself that I am expecting from outside?

If you love yourself, you won’t expect someone else to complete you. If you are expecting someone to be caring, nurturing and kind to you, are you giving yourself all these?

What if you are the only one who can change your life?

Did you know that you can download a free mobile app that reminds you of affirmations to build harmony in your relationships?

Signature analysis

Signatures speak to me. By looking at the signature, I am able to read people’s life story and the patterns that are present in their life. I can see how empowered they are and what is limiting them. Most of the reading is intuitive and in the initial stage of my practice I used to ask people to rate the accuracy and I always got more than 90% in every reading. Even sceptics were blown away by the amount of information I could infer about their life just by looking at the signature.

The signature is all about what you believe about you and your life. These core beliefs are like operating systems of your computer on which your life is built. By changing the signature, you are reverse engineering to change the beliefs and hence creating more ease and expansion as you desire.

I have witnessed miracles after miracles by making simple changes to signatures – people getting triple promotions, businesses expanding through the roof, change in financial status etc. The interesting thing is that the energy shifts really quickly within matter of days.

I am offering signature analysis at a special rate for a short period. Check it out:

What magic can we create together?


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