One signature tip that may change your life

One signature tip that may change your life

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Can signatures really change your life?

I have been doing signature analysis for more than two decades now. Some how, I feel signatures speak to me. They tell me what you think about yourself and what’s going on with your life. Is it some psychic stuff? Not entirely, there is a science behind it.

Your subconscious beliefs about yourself showing up in the signature is pretty convincing even for skeptics I suppose. If what’s in the subconscious is showing up in signature, wouldn’t changing the signature change your subconscious beliefs?

As I had written recently in the ‘You, the Precious one’ article, low self esteem is the most common reason for issues in life. If you can change your subconscious belief about yourself, then, wouldn’t you start creating a life you desire for yourself? Pretty, straight forward right?

I have seen repeatedly that making some small changes in the way signature is drawn has created huge shift in people’s life. Struggling careers shifted; businesses sky rocketted; Harmony increased… and much more. All really quickly – within days or in a few weeks. The speed and consistency at which this works amazes me.

I am going to give you one tip that could change your life upside down – in a great way, of course… It will blow your mind… here it goes:

You need not sign with your name

yes, you read it right. You need not draw your signature with your name.

Can you read the name from the signature in the picture?

You can’t, right? Then how does it matter if you draw the signature with ‘Mike Smith’ in mind or ‘I am abundance’ in mind? Pretty, simple logic, huh?

Yes, you can sign with an affirmation of whatever you like to be or whatever you like to have such as,

I am powerful
Peace and Harmony
All is well

Every time you draw your signature with your favourite affirmation, you are rewriting your old script that did not work for you.

Yes, if you are doing a well defined legible signature, going from that to illegible affirmation based signature would be a huge shift – in terms of energy and legality. That’s a choice you need to make – Are you ready for the big shift?

If have complications about making such a huge change, then there are other options to make some easy and less complex changes to create similar shift.

Righto, This life altering tip is just the taster of a bonus session called ‘Life hack with signatures!’ in the class I am doing on 17th – live from Mumbai and streamed online.

If the bonus session is this explosive, can you imagine how would the main contents of the class be? There are 5 main modules and 3 bonuses in this class! I guess this should be a 3-day class but condensed into one day. I am already thinking of splitting the content into several days for future classes and so, you might be paying thrice in future for the same content.

The best thing about the light key healing system is that it is very simple and consistent.

“I run the protocol for clearing energy blocks for the 3rd day in a row now. It is hugh support for me. Thank you Nila for this amazing body of energy that you brought to my life! ” – Tagit Dance, Israel.

Join me, if you are ready to upgrade your life

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