Optimal Body and Flourishing Life

Optimal Body and Flourishing Life

We hope you are making the best of our offerings to you – we have some amazing new videos on our YouTube channel Nila Mystic TV!

Check out the Embodiment Series – Episode 2! Watch Nila and Noemi create magic on ‘Embodying Calm and Peace’. Link is given at the end.

We are all about creating magic on this planet! The greatest way to do that is aligning the mind, body and spirit. When they walk the same direction, they move towards progress and growth, yet when one lags behind or tries to go a different way, you are stuck and conflicted.

Thrive, grow and progress with Nila’s call – Aligning Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Light Matrix.

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“Divine experience! I have never gone this deep ever before.. this was beautiful maam.. so grateful ,Hats off to you!”

“it was very intense the alignment body mind spirit .. I felt an inner movement . Thank you Nila”

“It’s air tiny air bubbles bursting from head to toe, Feels aligned ! Loved it thank you so much ❤️”

❤️The newest way to work with bodies!

How about giving yourself and clients’ bodies, some energetic upgrades with loving touch?

Touch is an under rated superpower that can soothe the body to create profound shifts! Power up your touch with Light Key Frequencies and voila! You have a magnificent tool to create transformation.

Be the most sought after ‘Body Technician’ who magically tunes the body up structurally and internally for optimal well being with ‘Total Body Tune up with Light Key Frequencies’

Get a friend along to practice and get certified!

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✨Here is Nila’s message:

As you may be aware, light key frequencies are in play since 2019 and I have started working on embodiment practices for the past few months.
When I met a light key practitioner yesterday, I was inspired to ask her to run a light key frequency on my jaws and result was astounding. My whole body started adjusting the structural alignment & I felt internal organs realigning themselves too. We ended up having a 2 hour session running the frequency on several locations. At the end, I felt as if my body was totally tuned in and out.

Get certified and offer your magic to create a rejuvenation business!

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Nila asked Expert Healers to run this on themselves. Here is what one of them said:

“I ran the freq on my jaw as it tends to be tensed and tight especially when I’m stressed. There was a lot of release – my shoulders and the organs in my body started to relax, and there was also a lot of vibration in my cells.”

This is a crazy deal – the foundation of a business for less than 100$. Offer real value with the hidden magic of Light Key Frequencies and Create positive transformation for your life and clients’ lives.

❤️Feel Good Enough!

You know you are doing your best, giving your fullest 100% and even getting great results – the goals are met, targets are crushed, people are raving, success speaks for itself, yet one person still doesn’t think its great – YOU!

Or, maybe you are a powerhouse of talents, and unable to do anything meaningful with them.

Or, maybe you just can’t see anything good about yourself.

All of this can change, such that you inculcate a deep sense of trust in yourself and your abilities and skill sets!

Join Tamanna to learn the blue print of getting over this ‘Not good enough’ syndrome-

Light Key Protocol for Getting Over Not Being Good Enough

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“Yeah it’s tons of work done. I kept yawning and yawning and eyes watering without any cognitive awareness. I am feeling thought less and energized after the call. What more magic awaits I wonder? Thank you so much Nila”

“Ma’am that was a wonderful call which revealed a lot about oneself .. how we hold ..identities that are not ours and how bad we treat ourselves when we are much more capable .Thank you for leading us in this journey.”

“This was great, Lots of energy released. Thank you so much.. Amazing amazing call….so many walls collapsed”

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