Order a gift from the universe!

Order a gift from the universe!

How have you been?

Wow – What an amazing call we had yesterday! So much of release,- each cell in the body tingled, goosebumps all overall in just 30 mins! A couple of shares:

“My body is on a purging spree. I threw up a lot after the call. Massive release! I could feel mini explosions in the cells when Nila was running the clearings. I do feel lighter now but quite tired. 
Truly a magical call. 
Thank you so much Nila.”

“Advanced light Matrix command is truly potent….I cried so much during the call, so much catharsis. My body was moving without me doing anything to move it in a way as if there was so much pain deep into it and now it was releasing it. Thank you so much Nila??. It’s as if it has shaken something inside.”

Would you like to clear your limitations with health, money, relationships, and more – using the Advanced Light Matrix Command? Check out the link below. You may be eligible to get the recording for half-price if you have done intermediate or vortices class.

Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution – Certified
Believe it or not, our external conflicts are just a reflection of the conflicts we have inside us. The conflict resolution protocol helps you to release deep inner conflicts very gently and easily to create harmony in all areas of life. Recently, Nila did a FB live and talked about her magical experiences with this protocol:

Her experiences inspired her to repeat the class on 27th and it is a great opportunity to learn this profound protocol to create harmony all around!

In this class, Nila is also going to share her awareness of how this can be used to release limitations from bloodlines and lineage!

You may be eligible to attend this class for free. Repeaters get a 50% discount. Details in this link

Getting over not being good enough
What a topic to release on?

As Eckhart Tolle puts it “That feeling that something is wrong with you, is not a personal problem of yours. It is a universal, human condition. You may be surprised to know that there are millions… billions of people on the planet who have the same thought pattern.” 

This thought pattern of not being good enough may have started in your childhood but it’s a conditioned way of thinking and blocks you from receiving all that you truly desire. At the end of the day, it’s your choice to keep the pattern or let it go.

We would love to have you with us as Nila leads the group, in her signature style, to let go of this pattern. Choose to play along and love yourself as you truly deserve. We wonder what new possibilities would open up for you!

Private sessions with Nila
Laser-sharp, no bull-shit, straight to the issue cutting through the story – and the empowerment at the end of the session – you experience this and more from Nila’s private sessions. It’s on offer only this week.

Order a gift from the universe!
Have you tried ordering a gift from the universe?  Sounds crazy but it’s total fun  – get inspired as Nila shares her experience in the below link. Most times your ask doesn’t show up as you expect! Play along.

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Empowered Living

Training for Facilitator of Advanced Light Key Blueprint Course

Anger Release with Light Keys

Light key Protocol for Regenerating and Rejuvenating the Body with Earth – Certified
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