Powerless or powerful – what is your choice?

Powerless or powerful – what is your choice?

Thank you for all your support on the launch of the Light key course. I am immensely grateful to all the practitioners who have made a commitment to invest in themselves. I am very touched to receive feedback like this on daily basis:

“How does it get even better than this ???

Not only I get an upgrade to the premier economy, also my bag travelled premier economy at no extra cost…

It was such a beautifully cute sight that I was sure that I was gonna share it with my friends here..!!

Miracles are everywhere… Being receptive is all that’s needed..!!!

Thank you, Nila for having me on this journey of miracles…”

The early bird offer is ending on 30th Nov. If you like to take advantage of the 67% discount, please feel free to join the course:


Be right or happy?

I have facilitated many people who have undergone abuse to get out of the self-sabotaging patterns. These are the commonalities I find in them:

1. Low self esteem & self-rejection. Most of them make themselves wrong for the abuse and constantly question their self worth & reject themselves. Because of this, they consistently attract people who do not treat them kindly. If this is you, What if it’s time now to accept yourself unconditionally no matter what? What if you have your back regardless of what happens? Just start simply by being kind to you a tiny bit today – just a tiny tiny bit.

2. There is also an overwhelming urge to prove that their life is so messed up in order to make the abuser feel responsible for their suffering. So, even if kindness and abundance finds it way to them somehow, they run away or hide themselves. None of this is done deliberately, of course. The part of the being that’s stuck with the incident acts out on auto-control mode. However, acknowledging this part and recognizing that destroying one’s own life is a very hefty price for proving someone wrong will break the pattern.

3. There is a tendency to identify with victimhood. They often find themselves in situations where they are victimized or in a fight for other victims. It’s either natural calamity or social injustice or domestic violence – there is something or other to identify themselves with. What if it’s time to let go of the identity and take back the power. Wouldn’t you living a joyful life be the best revenge you can have?

One thing is to understand and another thing is to put the understanding to practice. Some times, even if you cognitively understand, the overwhelming sense of powerlessness you have identified with so far weighs you down from getting out of the victimhood. This is where the light key protocol for healing abuse & trauma can help.

A series of simple steps channeled by Nila gently lifts you and helps you move forward in life. The best thing about this process is that you do not have to relive the memories. Finally, you can now move forward from being a victim to master of your life. This protocol can be practiced by anyone and it only takes a few minutes. No pre-requisites. These are some of the feedback on the protocol:

“It was incredible – one abuse after the other showed up – I used the protocol and could literally feel the abuse clearing – so I basically cleared one and the next one was waiting already – very powerful – I would rate the change from an 8 down to 1 – can feel it still in my body”

“I did the exercise yesterday. Honestly, I’m not feeling any intensity. And that is good. Yesterday I received so much of kindness. I was feeling absolutely brilliant about me”

“I ran the protocol on myself yesterday. The intensity came down from 9 to 2-3 and today I just don’t feel the need to do any healing on that anymore. It’s so chill”

I am walking through this protocol to people who like to reclaim their power on Sunday, 24th Nov. This call is at 33% of its full price. Please do not attend this call, if you are not ready for a huge shift!


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What more magic can we create together?

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