Quick Stress Relief Guide

Quick Stress Relief Guide

Dear friends,

How are you today? I am inspired to do a quick ‘quick relief’ guide for people who are very stressed and in need of immediate help. I am yet to start doing my own videos but I decided to do this guide anyway with free resources available on the web. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? I am grateful for all the contribution from all other healers/ Facilitator whose resources are being referred here. What contribution can this be for you and the planet today?


1. Before proceeding further it might be helpful to rate the intensity of your stress/upset on a 0-10 scale (10 being the highest)

2. There are many techniques suggested below in the order of effectiveness I have experienced. However, you need not follow any order

3. You do not have to complete all of them. You can quit whenever you like

4. By proceeding further you are agreeing that you are taking complete responsiblity for your wellbeing

1. Recommended first step: Please don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this. IT WORKS! Ask yourself ‘Does this belong to me?’ (Courtesy: Access Consciousness) If the feeling lightens up, it is not yours. Simply say in your head ‘Return it to the sender’. Take a deeep breath and assess the intensity. Has this contributed to you?

You can repeat this as many times as you like. For explanation of this tool, you can check out this video:

2. If the intensity does not change, you can try this: Everything that is contributing to this ….. (upset/heaviness/sadness etc) I now destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, POC, POD, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds. (Courtesy: Access Consciousness)

This clearing statement from access works like a magic, even if you don’t understand it. Again, repeat this as many times as you need.

Has your heaviness shifted? For more explanation of this clearning statement from Access, please visit here: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/content60.asp

3. If you still have a bit of heaviness, try this cortice technique for balancing left & right brain:

Where is the intensity now? Repeat as necessary.

4. If you still have some intensity left, try this EFT sequence:

EFT is a life changer… Please use it as many times as you like

5. If you are still feeling stuck, try this collarbone breathing technique and the repeat from step1:

This technique opens you up to receive healing. If you are totally not in a space to perform any of the above, try watching these distance healing videos:


If none of the above works, ask ‘What is hilarious about this I am not getting?’. This normally shifts the focus.

If nothing works, book a private session with me 🙂


If you are not ready for that yet, try laughing…
here is a bit of help:

Lauging certainly shifts the energy and you may feel unstuck and choose to try any of the above techniques again. If not, keep asking ‘What does it take to change this ?’ What would it take for you to acknowledge that you are an infinite being? Would an infinite being choose this stress? What energy, space, consciousness can I be for you to feel better right away?

If you enjoyed this, please feel free to forward it to your loved ones. What contribution can this be for them?

Have a great day with ease, joy and glory!

Nila/Nimi/Nirmala Raju