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Rapid Response Protocol

💖 Pre-requisite
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This advanced self-help protocol uses the frequencies and vortices of all that is available in the universe to contribute to the evolution of consciousness to create swift changes in your life, body, being and beyond. This protocol helps you to raise your vibration quickly and over a period of time maintain the high vibration.Everything in the universe has its unique frequency and this protocol helps you to tune in and receive from these frequencies & relevant vortices.

💖 Testimonials

“I just love the simplicity of Rapid response protocol.. I have frequent headaches on and off.. and I have tried invoking different vortices for it.. today morning I woke up with it.. and I started thinking which protocol should I do ..and I had an awareness of the rapid response..and I did it..and the intensity went from 10-2 in few mins.. but the sheer simplicity of this protocol has my heart😇heartfelt gratitude @Nila IH for these magical tools🥰💕”

“An awesome Vortices and Rapid Response Protocol class. So much awareness. Class had Beautiful energy.”

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You can buy self-study course from the shop (by clicking the link below). You can find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

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