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Receive some joy: Time-sensitive

Receive some joy: Time-sensitive

How is it going? Has easing of lockdown in your part of the world helping you? Are you feeling fear and anxiety?

What if you can be a remedy for the virus? Are you willing to be? Like to know more? There is a video at the end of this newsletter.

By the way, it may not be too late to jump on the group joyous body healing call without any strings attached. People are raving about it. What have you got to lose? Hop in:

Anything is possible

Last year by this time, nobody thought that the world would be under lockdown. If such a small virus can cause such a huge shift in the way the world function, can’t human consciousness?

Wouldn’t it be great to reset and rearrange the body the way you like it?

I started training as a medium in 2004. From where I stand today, I can convincingly say that the veil between our linear reality and the other limitless realities have thinned so much over these years. The universe is conspiring for us to embrace our divinity. The simple tools I have channeled in 6 months are clear evidence to it. I have channeled over 20 courses and the light keys are spread to about 40 countries. See what people are saying about these tools:

“Yesterday l got to the class right when we cameback from the doctors,My hubby broke the patella in his knee.I run on him access body processes & health key. It helped alot… Weip now?”

“Love love love the health key – makes me feel happy even if I think about it – asks to be used all the time – on a skin condition my dog has , works beautiful – in the morning for me and my daughter , both having more fun days – the deeper issue in my shoulder seems to heal in very surprising ways – so grateful”

“I really really enjoy the health key – it makes me smile and feeling happy”

The universe is flooding us with so much light and that’s how the light medicine course is born. It’s a journey into light and lightness of the body. We are starting the journey on the 18th with the basic light medicine course. The main objectives of this course are


  • Introduce the concept of light medicine
  • Learn about the following elements of light medicine to clear, cleanse, purify the body:


Vortex of Light
Vortex of Emerald earth energy
Vortex of Blue bubble energy
Ascension vortex of kindness


  • Learn the body reset protocol

is a certified course and so, you would be able to apply the techniques on your
clients as well. What if you can really reset and rearrange your body?

I will be personally attuning the participants individually with Vortex of Light. This is such a powerful activation. See one of the experiences:

Nila,  I slept so peacefully for nearly 2.5 hours, woke up now as if I am healed completely. My third eye is still vibrating in between

If you are ready to embrace a whole new reality with your body, please join the course:

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,