Reclaiming Your Awesomeness

Reclaiming Your Awesomeness

When did you stop believing in your magic? When did you dim your shine? When did you start believing that something is amiss with you? Would you like to move beyond your so called ordinariness and re-create you as the greatness you truly be? Check out Nila’s YouTube video where she enlists upcoming classes in July. Could receiving the energy of the classes as she walks you through their magic create more for you? Also, check out the fun way to make choices that Nila gives in the video. Link is given at the end.

You Are Whole
Somewhere along your journey, maybe you started to believe that you are less, incomplete, that something is wrong with you. Maybe it came down through your ancestors or something somebody told you this lifetime. What if you realized that you are invaluable, whole and complete. What power you have been unwilling to wield by buying into the untruths about yourself? Join The Releasing Insecurity and Low- self Esteem with The Advanced Light Matrix Command workshop where Nila will root out that which causes you to hold on to your insecurities.

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Can you hear the whispers of the Universe?
Would you like to learn a new language? Would you like to communicate with the Spirit? Would you like to understand what the Universe and the Spirit have been telling you all along?

Join Nila in Decoding the Messages from the Spirit and Other Realms to develop a gateway of communication and communion with the eternal wisdom. You could make friends with beings from other realms too. We invite you to reclaim your magic and allow it to unfold around you.

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Are You Being Success?
What is success for you? What does it gift you? Or does it evade you? Maybe your success is not what you think it is, because you are already successful! Perhaps, you cannot believe that you are living your success. Curious?

Join Nila in 12 Techniques to Attract Success where she will hand you effective, yet simple exercises to attract success. She might make you realise how successful you are and how to be the energy of your success with ease.

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Feedbacks from the previous calls:
“Guess what? I received a gift from my husband out of the blue! 5k USD…he just felt like gifting it to me this morning. How does it get any better than that? That was a Huge surprise”

“thank you so much! It was lovely. The shift of being sooo scared with the whole idea, to finally being here and having enjoyed it. “

This is the 3rd class in the 12 techniques series. Check out the previous ones which were received well:

12 Techniques to Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities

12 Techniques to Increase the Money Flow

Also, Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix has 3 powerful recordings.

  • Release the resistance to Money.
  • Release poverty consciousness.
  • Release money worries.

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. They are available at 40% discount till 15th July.

Few shares:
“We have a 64% increase in our net worth since last year!”

“I practice dentistry in a middle class area where people have lost their jobs due to covd era. All patients got their treatment done without paying full fees and I could not ask for it seeing their condtition. Tday few of them came on their own to settle their dues. Hdigbtt? Thanks Nila and the whole group for their contribution”

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What more magic can we create together?

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