Recovery from trauma

Recovery from trauma

How have you been? As you can see, I am busy channelling and teaching… Very cool.

My life changed so much in the past two months since I restarted my light key practice with a group of volunteers. I am so grateful for their contribution in my life. The Light Keys system is expanding so much almost on daily basis now. I am downloading so many processes and protocol. One of them is the protocol for healing Abuse/Trauma.

I had a traumatic experience as a kid when our home was burgled. It had a very huge impact on me for a long time. My financial reality was built around ‘not losing’ than ‘expanding or multiplying’. I know first hand how trauma keeps you stuck in certain patterns and prevents you from living life to the fullest. I have also worked with clients who have had traumatic experiences such as losing someone close in an accident, domestic violence etc.

Trauma keeps people stuck. It has very similar effects of abuse – powerlessness. The one common symptom of trauma is involuntary and excessive reactions. Even if anything remotely similar to the original traumatic event happens or even the thought of it, the anxiety and fear kicks in and people go into fight or flight mode. I have had people working their life off to get approval from their dead parents as a result of punishments they received as a child for some sort of failure. Their life was about always getting approval than living their own life. Preventing failure was their foundation of life.

When I work with such individuals, I can sense that energy is stuck in certain parts of the body that when released makes them feel physically lighter their body. Besides, the events that used to create severe reactions in them do not bother them anymore. There is a huge sense of freedom. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The good thing is that you do not need an expensive private session to recover from trauma or abuse. You can learn a simple self-help protocol and free yourself at any time. The effect is so great that the intensity goes from 10 to 0 in about 5-7 min for most people. If you are not ready to be free, please do not join this call:

This call is at 67% discount right now. Hope you take advantage of this offer. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

This is the message I got from Aarti Rathod who has started practicing light keys recently:

“Hey Nila,

Done 8 days of keys practice. Using wall paper for about 12 or so days(MoneyCome app). Today I had 3 access appointments. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesomely fantastic these three were. I have certainly grown a lot in my practice. BUT today’s sessions were a leap in league.

Also the first one was supposed to be either a gift or a swap but it was so so so so intense and powerful that she choose to pay. In my ten months of access practice it’s the first time I have earned Rs 3500/- in a single day. I acknowledge this grace, my own growth as a practitioner AND have tremendous gratitude.”


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