Relax deeply like never before!

Relax deeply like never before!

Is pandemic lockdown easing at your place? How have you been?  Would you like to enjoy some deep relaxation? If yes, this video is a gift – truly!

How would it be to receive kindness from you – willing to give yourself that permission?   Nila leads you to become aware of the inherent kindness in your eyes and from there flows them through various body parts – an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Link to the video at the end.

How about making awareness and magic part of your life journey?
Check out the below  Special classes this spring with Nila 

Advanced Light Key Blueprint Course (Certified)
Are you willing to take the next step in your journey towards self-mastery? How would it be to manifest your authentic desires quickly?

“Wow what an amazing journey, Gratitude beyond words to you dear Nila, and all the people in Israel who choose to take their path to self-mastery with the Keys 🥰🥰🥰🥰So much magic in this class & keys, Thank you so much, and let’s have too much fun!!”

We invite you to learn how you can use numbers with keys to physicalise your desires, create grids to contribute to healing and manifestation, a new key to expand your awareness, Light key exponentiators, and more- this class overflows with tools to aid your inward journey.

“One can have to no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself” – Leonardo da Vinci. Choose to attain and embrace your mastery!

Joyous Body Protocol Level 1 – Certified Course
Joyous body protocol has been the most celebrated protocol in the Light system – and imagine what would it be like to exponentialize that?

Would you like to learn how to enhance JBP with frequencies, vortices, and light logues? How about exponentializing JBP with vortex of light, and bringing in contribution from the divine and earth with JBP?  While you are at it  – why not also learn first aid JBP and JBP to boost immunity?

We proudly invite you to learn all these gems of a process in one single class – from Nila herself!

“Thank you so much, Nila, this is a new level of Magic”
“my dry skin on the legs has smoothened out suddenly”

“Floating in space…need the milky way frequency do go back down. wow the energy is amazing, thank you so very much for everything”

Choose to be magical and create magical changes in your universe.

February offers
Just 2 more days to go – avail while the offers last. 

Relax deeply like never before!

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH team