Release the intensity from your body

Release the intensity from your body

How are you doing?

Did you enjoy the silence for a couple of days? 🙂

Well, now I am back with another video. This time to release the pain or intensity from your body. The link is at the end as usual!

Magical light key frequencies

Everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency. When we tune into it, we can receive a contribution from it.

We are becoming more and more aware of some powerful frequencies that are available to contribute to us. Light key frequencies have been used to transform health, harmony, and stuck energies, etc very successfully by the practitioners. As the information on these frequencies is becoming vital to light medicine and other future classes, I have decided to repeat the class ‘Light key frequencies for limitless reality’ with more information on secondary light key frequencies I recently revealed. Basic light key frequency class is a prerequisite for this class:

I am also repeating Joyous Embodiment, my most favourite class so far, which is all about having bliss with the body:

On popular request intermediate class is also back which is a prerequisite for Light medicine level -1:

Upcoming events

Enclosing the schedule of upcoming classes.

Our free groups::

This is a free support call Nila is offering for anyone who requires some support/healing. She will be using her experience in numerous modalities and her intuition to facilitate the group and a few individuals.

We cordially invite you to join our ‘Light key mastery’ public group with Nila/Nimi.




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