Releasing blocks to success

Releasing blocks to success

How are you?

Did you receive Light Key blessings for self love? I gather that many of you enjoyed. Would you mind subscribing to my youtube channel to do more of this?

There is another good video you might be benefit out of. This one is to release the blocks to success:

The class lead by the universe

Yesterday we had the first call of our weight loss series to release the resistance. There were strong indications for the higher power to take over the class and I was in total allowance. Information started pouring in bits and pieces leading to the class. I did not try to figure it out. I was in total allowance and trust. I was surprised at the new processes came through.

The class was a huge hit. The kind of feedback I am receiving from the participants are heart warming and such invitation for others to join. Here are some:

“If you are a facilitator… you should be on this call.

If you are asking for something greater… you should be on this call

If you wish to have your world split wide open…you should be on this call.

If you… (whatever) You should be on this call.

I am happy and grateful that I chose it.

You can still join in..”


“So we had Awsome class call 1 resistance buster, we had different group energy than any other The Nila CLASS😀 I am being one of those who are consistently following Nila’s work from Dec 19 mumbai class and group coaching classes in earlier months have been my favorites as they flow multiple ways many tools techniques like Pav bhaji lot of ingredients contributing to tasty outcome however this call was way beyond all that, lot of new energies, techniques, one can apply to anything not just relevant to weight loss. you can still join the full series if you are brave to see the truth, today when I was writing my answers I was like do I have so much to release even after so many years work I have done on myself and guess what I actually did release except 0.5 portion 😝 So who all want to join this adventure?”


“If you are in perfect shape and u don’t need to loose weight you should join to see what else can u change about your body and being”

“My intensity was 10 and it came down to 0 . It was too intense for me , am feeling much lighter than ever felt in last 12yrs. Thank you so much Nila di”

This is the power of following the awareness and letting go of the control. I invite you to jump into this series and receive more from the universe.

Ready for transformation?

Light key frequencies are very potent tools to use on your body and life to create transformation. See what people say:

It is a feeling of ‘calm and full’ that prevails since after the class …And what a wow feeling that is.Immense gratitude for this super awesome roller coaster right from the beginning …..Loving every moment of it.🙏🙏🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤.And yessss each moment is a new experience😊

Yes me too feeling a sense of being powerful over situations today, that situations cannot define what I can do, I need to get over them and do what is important for me….😇✨🙏

You can use these frequencies for self healing or contributing to others. It is easy to become a certified light key frequency facilitator. Please check this link for details and join us on 16th:

If you have already done the course and like to get the latest insights and updates on the basic frequency, you can do so for just 18$. Please write to for the discount code.

This course is a prerequisite for many advanced classes. I may not repeat this in the near future. So, you may want to make use of this opportunity.

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