Releasing toxic shame!

Releasing toxic shame!

How have you been?

Are you ready for some deep work? Brave enough to see things for what they are? When there are times you challenge yourself to achieve more – ever wondered whose standards you are comparing yourself with? If it’s your parents, for e.g., whom do you think they would have brought their standards from? 😊 Like to pivot?

We invite you to watch this gifted facilitation, where Nila leads the participants to release shame and the ‘should’s- seemingly effortlessly. One wonders how could such a powerful facilitation come as a gift? Watch, let- go, and step up! You are more than what you think you are! Link to the video at the end.

If you would like to go even deeper, esp. on the martyr soul clearing, mentioned in the video below, ‘Going beyond black magic and curses’ course is for you.

Advanced Light key protocol for going beyond black magic and curses

Are you are someone who is easily impacted by other people’s unconscious and unkind intentions? What if you are solidifying these as curses and black magic and there is another possibility available for you?

A powerful protocol which will enable you to see through the sources and empower you with tools to neutralise them.

“I have worked on curses and Blackmagic from many years using multiple modalities. It’s been releasing in stages and I had been getting awareness bit by bit on what all I have inherited from my parents and what they got from their parents. The day I paid for this class almost 10 days before, I got awareness on another layer in the whole family line which was carrying this. That was big aha and release. In today’s class for me, it was an assimilation of whole release I feel finally done with this. The word Blackmagic feels just another concept now. I am feeling so free and so much space. I am so much in gratitude for having light key healing tools”

If this calls you too,

If you interested in becoming a facilitator of this class, register your interest by writing to

Light Key expert healer!

Looking for tools which would enable ease, harmony, prosperity and more in your life and in your loved ones’ life? Light Key blessings and attunements have the potency to show a different possibility for you and those around you – powerful exercises which takes minutes but creates everlasting shifts in people’s life.

A share which brought tears to many of us:

“Hello had inhibitions writing this post but at last gave in so here it is! Being a cancer survivor at a very young age I feel lucky & brave..3 surgeries back to back in fact two in a span of 21 days literally rose my body weight to more than double such that my torned clothes due to swelling up & down day in day … a sight of embarrassment at 4-5 educational institutions where I was doing full time respectable job… No measures helped me reduce weight I was secluded to my home though I started working as a free lancer last year. I kept doing Kindness keys meanwhile Sunali was giving me 3 days of blessings session within a week I was informed that the trio management bro & sisters have succumbed to covid so all of the staff will work from home henceforth & I was called by the owner saying we don’t desire to leave you lovely lady keep working from home for us & we shall keep paying you like before 🙏🏻🕉️ such is the power of kindness keys & blessings …Thankyou Nila&Sunali love you so much. Forever in deep deep gratitude”

Such an amazing gift to give and receive – wouldn’t you agree? If you are as inspired as we are, we invite you to learn these powerful processes from Nila herself on Feb 12th – this might be her last class on this course as she is handing this over to facilitators.

February offers

Conscious and prosperous healer-Level 1, a great course with gems of wisdom and clarifications on many facets of healing – also a pre-requisite for all facilitator courses and many certification courses is on offer. Check out:

Releasing toxic shame!


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