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[Bonus] Awaken the Body for Health and Vitality


[Bonus] Awaken the Body for Health and Vitality

Balance Your Body Fluids How would your body be, if its fluids were balanced? Would your body like that? Did it just lighten up? Join Nila in the Light Key Protocol for Fluid Balance to bring a smile to your body’s bio fluids! What’s even better, you will get the class ‘Creating Energy Flow for ...

Create Magically and Exponentially

Greetings! Would you like to compound your money inflows? Are you blocking or inviting money flows? Be honest and check within… How would it be if money gushes from all the directions? Does it make you feel excited or overwhelmed? Many of us get stuck in ‘not being good enough’ to create/ receive/ handle money ...

Would you like to activate your magic?

How has your journey with awareness been? What gift is your awareness to you? How do you receive it? Awareness can be overwhelming many times if we have points of views around it. Watch this YouTube video where Nila lays out how we relate with awareness. Link to the video is given at the end. ...

Would you Like to Create Magic Beyond Logic

Would you gift yourself success? Do you approve of yourself? Are you where you wish to be? You would gift you the life you wish to create if you approve of yourself as you are the god of your own universe! Check out this YouTube video where Nila walks you through exercises to be the ...

Reclaiming Your Awesomeness

When did you stop believing in your magic? When did you dim your shine? When did you start believing that something is amiss with you? Would you like to move beyond your so called ordinariness and re-create you as the greatness you truly be? Check out Nila’s YouTube video where she enlists upcoming classes in ...

Conscious Bodies, Conscious Lives

A Joyful Journey to Flow with the Universe The Light Keys are high vibrational symbols that help you create the life you desire by bring home the energies you choose. What have your being been asking for? The Light Key classes are downloaded by Nila and they respond to what you have been asking for! ...

Flow Joyfully into Abundance

Your body your choice! Have you ever felt you don’t have a control of your body? Your body does not change in spite of humongous effort? How many people are you carrying in your body? Is it a bit too crowded? Have you given up the choices of your body to these people? Curious? Conscious ...

Are you carrying other people’s monkeys?

Are You Carrying Other People's Monkeys? If you have felt frozen or helpless, then you might have fragments of you that got stuck as a child. Oftentimes, we carry other peoples’ heaviness and intensity as our own and create frustration for ourselves. In this video, Nila describes one such story that might open up possibilities ...

An Invitation to the Vortex of Money

What if You Could Magnetize Money to Draw in More Money Flow! Nila recently received a download for the 12 Techniques to Increase the Money Flow class – The Vortex of Money! Sense the energy of the vortex. What is your awareness? Do you sense what it can create for you? If you have any ...

Step Into Wholeness and Abundance

How have you been? Embrace Your Wholeness How would it be to feel safe, whole and joyous? If you have fragmented parts that do not connect, you might feel unsafe, anxious, helpless or doubtful. Some parts of you might be identified as children or punitive adults. In Integrating the Fragmented Parts of You, Nila invites you to ...