Rest your body to the best possible version

Rest your body to the best possible version

Nila here. How have you been? What have you been creating?

Rest your body to the best possible version

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies” – Albert Einstein

Join me tomorrow to reset your body to the highest standard possible using frequencies and processes that cleanse and purify the body like never before.

“Light medicine has helped me get my grandfathers ceratine levels from 10 where doctors were wanting to start dialysis on him to now which is 6.8… doctors were surprised and amazed and didn’t knew how his body reacted well and which medicine created magic in him… I thank Nila and Smriti for guiding me”

What if vibrant health is our birth right?

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It has a pre requisite – Vortex of Light Attunement. This attunement can enable you to call upon this vortex that can bring immense awareness, super charge your meditations or spiritual practice, transmute and dissolve stuff that you would like to let go.

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“It’s difficult to articulate, from last night it self I felt I got connected to it, during attunement, it literally felt like vortex of light entering from crown Chakra and flown thru entire body, it’s a nice feeling, feeling happy for no reason, it feels more of oneness more of opening. More of receiving 🤔”

“I recently took the VOL attunement from Nila. I have no words to express how my body felt the next day. I could relate with a toddler who has no worries, nobody achs, and everything is just play & fun. I was surprised to find myself listening to & enjoying music during work, as I have never done that.I have now signed you for two more attunements.”

“I make sure to start my day with invoking Vortex of light .. n proceed the day to explore more n have more than yesterday ..Thank you Nila for this amazing gift 🙏🏻🙏🏻”

Who is looking for you?

An opportunity to reset your mind is awaiting you on 28th Oct.

When you have experienced the benefits of a course, you automatically become the torch bearer of it. Winnie Bajaria, an awesome facilitator,  who is going to offer ‘How to become a Crowd Puller?’ class for you shares her experience. In her own words:

“Are you your crowd ?Since a few months, I have been struggling to stay afloat. Being vulnerable here. Struggling would be an understatement. I did bounce back and did get better, but being around people was a task. I got the awareness to do the crowd puller class. Not that I wanted to begin pulling people or anything. And boy! Did the class blow away whatever needed to be blown away. So much ease opened up for me with people. I was able to sing after months, play with my kid again, laugh, take it easy. People (read frenemies) who would ignore and walk past me started stopping and asking to catch up! I came to realise that it was me resisting them and that was liberating. Thank you @Nila for the wonderful offerings.””

A class I wouldn’t miss

What do you choose – smile or frown?

Are you able to smile in spite of whatever comes your way? When did we learn to take life so seriously? What if we can choose smile and giggle no matter what? What would that create?

Just now, flash a smile and see that you brightened up the universe a little. What if 1000s of us do the same every day? How bright would our lives be?

If your mind is asking ‘how?’, join me  in this free call. Let’s do it together one day – despite the intensity and density that may be around, let’s choose smile, giggle and laughter. Bring your friends and family too:

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