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‘Rocky Learns Magic’ at no cost

‘Rocky Learns Magic’ at no cost

In our endeavor to spread Kindness, we are offering a free download of Nila’s Kindle Ebook ‘Rocky Learns Magic’ for a limited time – upto 25th September. Kindly read and leave a feedback. Also, share the book with anyone who has little ones to nurture. Link is given at the end.

Be the energy of that what you desire to create it in your reality. Go on a Journey within you to open doors for what you truly desire – it may be a queue of clients or happy family environment or a prosperous business. Join Suguna as she facilitates you to uncover the unconscious blocks and choose to let them go – How to Be a Crowd Puller – Certified

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This class has 3 bonus practice sessions with Suguna.

Here is an amazing share:

“The Crowd puller class I did with Suguna on 21st March was totally thought was just pulling my crowded unrecognised thoughts one by one making me think Ohh I have this too😱. Pulling out inbuilt thoughts and then filling with refreshing energy was the highlight of this Amazingly wonderful class. Thanks to Suguna for the patient teaching and explaining💖. Tons of gratitude to Nila for  creating this magical course for us. ❤️🌹🙋‍♂😍”

Thrive – Regenerate and Rejuvenate
A no pre requisite class with Nila!

Learn to tap into the energy of the earth to release all lies of decay, degeneration and aging. You will learn a protocol to bring vitality to your body. It will attune you to be the regenerative energy that you truly are. What contribution can it e to your body and your reality on planet Earth – Light Key Protocol For Regenerating and Rejuvenating the Body with Earth

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Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Basic
This one is being facilitated by Suguna. A look into what practitioners have created with the course –

“I just completed listening to conscious and prosperous healer basic.
Nila could have named it conscious parenting, dealing with mother in law, relationship class, and it would still be relevant.
For me, it opened up how I have been dealing with my son. It has led me to drop expectations, or at least name them out to him. I now spell out the situation to him. I tell him what is expected behaviour and what he has been doing, rather than scolding and projecting that he does not understand. And so much more. Yesterday I went about my day with a grumpy mil, without being pushed around but in allowance and she came around 🤗
As Smriti rightly put it at the end of the course, it is about how we function in our lives.
Nila has poured out her years of accumulated wisdom and it is a treasure trove of beingness.
In gratitude 🙏🏻✨”

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