‘Rocky Learns Magic’ ebook at no cost — one day left

‘Rocky Learns Magic’ ebook at no cost — one day left

How have you been?

We hope you have been enjoying magical ways of being with Light Keys. How grand would it be if children learnt a magical way to zap away upset and sadness? What if they saw themselves as important contributors to a kind world?

‘Rocky Learns Magic’ ebook is Nila’s offering for young kids to step into a world of magic that goes beyond logic. Watch these endearing videos on Nila Mystic TV for glimpses into a kind magical world. The YouTube and Amazon download links are given at the end.

Would You Like to Create a Crowd?
If yes, then we are sure you have done the Crowd Puller course with Nila. You can wipe out all the places you have unwittingly hidden yourself that are not allowing you to show up! Here is a share from Winnie:

“Are you your crowd ?
Since a few months, I have been struggling to stay afloat. Being vulnerable here. 
Struggling would be an understatement. I did bounce back and did get better, but being around people was a task. I just could not connect with any body, including my family. Felt separate and conflicted all the while. All I was looking for was a little respite. 
I got the awareness to do the crowd puller class. Not that I wanted to begin pulling people or anything. Scheduling classes was the last thing on my mind. 
And boy! Did the class blow away whatever needed to be blown away. 
So much ease opened up for me with people. I was able to sing after months, play with my kid again, laugh, take it easy. People (read frenemies) who would ignore and walk past me started stopping and asking to catch up! I came to realise that it was me resisting them and that was liberating. 
Also, after 3 months of signing up, i managed to clear the quiz for facilitator training and I am awaiting my certification. My resistance also dropped down to my crowds such entities as well! 
There is simply no telling how and what a Light Key class can open up for you!
Thank you Nila  for the wonderful offerings.”

Here is the link for the course:

If you have done the course, you can join the FREE Crowd Puller Practice Session with Suguna

Go here to know more:

Heal With the Buddha
Buddha is synonymous with peace, tranquility and wisdom. Buddha is a consciousness untouched by the trappings and sufferings of this reality. Join the ‘Advanced Light Key Protocol for Healing with Medicine Buddha Energy’ to tune into this consciousness and release the root causes of illness and suffering. You can also get certified to use this with your clients

Vibe Up Your Life and Finances
Join Nila to enter the world of magical light key frequencies and get your magic wands out! You can learn three frequencies in the ‘Basic Light Key Frequencies’ class
  • Golden Earth Frequency
  • Universal Kindness Frequency
  • Rainbow Ray Frequency

Use these frequencies to create vitality, wellbeing and for clearing limiting beliefs and energy blocks.

You can even use them to turbocharge your finances and get them moving with the ‘Light Key Protocol for Attracting Money’

You can buy both courses at a special discounted price:

Tagit offers Light Key Merchandise worldwide!
There are some cool offerings from T-shirts to phone case reminding you of your divinity.
Check out the link: https://hub.lightkeys.co.il/tagit-dance-shop/

YouTube Video: Magic Beyond Logic – Empower Your Children Too

Story Time with Nana:

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What more magic can we create together?

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