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Santa is Staying Back

Santa is Staying Back

Hope you are enjoying the holidays in the way you like. Did you get grand presents from Santa?

What if you were your own Santa! Gift yourself the tools to create 2022 the way you want. Empower yourself with a quick, joyful, enlightening manifestation technique – The Light Key Protocol for Conscious Manifestation to move from Struggle to Ease, Lack to Abundance, ‘Fate’ Mode to ‘Creator’ Mode. To get a short glimpse of Nila’s manifestation secrets, see the video link at the end. Sign up for the class here:

You can also get certified and be the magic wand your clients have been looking for!


Register here for the free JBP group healing session on 7th January

JBP, short for Joyous Body Protocol, is a series of steps that unlock the body’s natural healing capacities. You can learn it and use it for yourself, just like spiritual techniques, and you can also use this for clients, like energy healers do. It is a simple 15 – 20 minute protocol that is super easy to learn from Day 1. There are no long months or years of meditation or other training hours required. Practice, Consciousness and Awareness definitely contribute, though.

To know more about JBP, go here:

Father Claus has extended the Christmas offers! Our offers that were to end post Christmas will now end on the 31st December! Do check them out. Who knows till when we will offer these amazing prices! Check our offer page:

Nila will guide you through a breath meditation that you will perform in a healing chamber when you purchase the 12 in 1 Glow and Flow package. It is the latest addition to the package. Go here to purchase and stay tuned to your inbox for details!

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