Satori and me

Satori and me

My spiritual guides spoke thro’ me for the first time in a trance workshop. My voice changed and I felt physically expanded when I was in trance. After the workshop I forgot all about them because I did not realize that they were my guides.

Oneday, in the mediumship circle we were asked to meditate and get the name of our Spirit guides. In the meditation I saw some angels coming down and when I asked for their name they laughed and said, “you humans always want to put a label on everything”. But they also added, “We are from a place called Satori”. I had never heard of the word before. So they spelt the word for me S A T O R I. After the meditation I shared it with the group and asked them if anybody had heard of this spiritual plane. Nobody did and as usual I concluded that I imagined it.

It was not until a couple of weeks since I remembered to google for the word ‘satori’, I realized that they were really my guides and the word satori means ‘Enlightenment’ in Japanese. Satori is the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism. No wonder why I was so attracted to Zen way of living.

Only when I am writing this I realize that my life’s purpose (see my earlier posting) and my guides have very strong connection. So it is pretty clear that enlightenment is the focus of my life. Long way to go 🙂

Our circle is very fond of my guides as my guides are very positive, compassionate and have good sense of humour. They come thro’ whenever they are needed. In most of the private readings, guides speak thro’ me and guide the sitter with their situation. Some people have sobbed as they felt very touched with the compassion and love they received. I always feel very blessed for having been chosen to work with them.

I hope to pick up at least a drop of their wisdom and compassion one day