Session to heal hurt feelings!

Session to heal hurt feelings!

How have you been?

“If you want to heal the world, start by healing yourself” -Kris Cahill.

Ready to experience that healing? Looking for a way to let go of the past hurts which prevent you from moving ahead? Join Nila in this ‘session to change hurt feelings’, where she guides the participant into a seemingly simple yet effective exercise to let go of heaviness. Link at the end!

How about we go deep –  release and heal the imprints of abuse and trauma and set ourselves free?

Advanced Light Key Protocol for healing Abuse and Trauma (Certified) – is for you and it’s today!

Just imagine a life where the past doesn’t have a hold on you? It may be the worst trauma you have experienced and it may not be ‘fair’ to just let that go! But honestly – does holding on to your victimhood give you happiness?

You are more than your story – you are too powerful to be let down by what happened in the past. Would you like to ‘meet’ that amazing YOU by letting go of all the abuse and trauma, you have experienced? Then this class is just for you.

We invite you to join us to learn this powerful protocol and help yourself (and your clients) shed the baggage and free yourself. You might become an empowered being – truly!

Are you open to receiving more? How does 11 days of healing and releasing limitations sound? All for just $33!

Festival of light – 11 days of magic

We invite you to celebrate YOUR light – turbo charge your vibrations, pamper your body with potent healing sessions, dissolve your limitations and as an icing to the cake – receive blessing for prosperity and love! To know more details of each session, watch this quick overview by Nila.

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Accelerate your awareness – Intense spiritual Journey

Nila has led so many awareness expansion journeys and this one is to accelerate your awareness of the limitless realities available to us. This meditative journey can show you the possibilities beyond you have ever imagined and experienced.

What magical possibilities would show up for you?

This is part of the package deal –‘A bright new future – Get ready for 2021 with Nila’. Also part of this package are the lightlogues!

Session to change hurt feelings


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Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution – Certified


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