Set the Universe to Work for You

Set the Universe to Work for You

Lightness is all about communion with the elements of the Universe and making them work with you! Creation becomes easy once we understand our connection with the universe and that all universe is a reflection what we are made of! Get in touch with the universe and experience a deep connection with yourself!  Link to the beautiful video ‘Can Sun and Moon Work for You?’ is at the end.

What if your superpower is hidden in your weakness?
What if you have identified your unique gift as a weakness? What if you already have been using your super powers but just did not recognize it? How would it be to be aware of your superpowers and use them consciously?

Would you like to explore further? Here are some feedback from the class:

“omg this left me feeling like someone removed every hard bone in my body i’m total mush THANK U! i have only now found you! blessings ! “

“So relaxing 😌☺.. such simple tools for huge benefit. Thank you Nila as always 😊😊 .“

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Breathe into wellness
Breath is the life force energy and when more people join together to do conscious breathing, the synergy creates greater outcome.  Experience the magic of the breath on the body for just 33$!

Testimonials from the past breath classes:

“Thankyou Nila 🙏……it was amazing. I had a profound experience and I am hungry for more of such calls”

“HDIGABTT.. Thank you Nila for today’s gift… it was total oneness with my body ..
I literally saw my vision getting fulfilled 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

To learn conscious breathing & tap into the synergy, join in:

‘LOOP IN’ for Embracing Possibilities!
What if the doors of the Universe opened up for you at the click of a button? That’s exactly what happens when you play Embracing Ease, Peace Bliss and Possibilities with Light Matrix.

This product has 3 recorded loops of the Light Matrix commands for

  1. Releasing the clutches that prevent Ease, Peace, Bliss and Possibilities
  2. Releasing the polarity that creates Struggle
  3. Choosing Ease, Peace, Bliss and possibilities

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to bliss out and create ease.

It is available at a 50% discounted price here till 18th August 

Visit the page for accessing the soundcloud link to the free loop ‘Light matrix to transmute density and intensity on the planet’.

Are you aware of the Magic of the Expert Healer program?
Expert Healer enables the practitioner to do some super advanced processes, blessings and attunements to instill lightness into the body and reality. Expert Healer 1 enables the practitioner to do some super advanced processes that open up doors to more freedom and lightness. There are vagus nerve activations, unification of pituitary and pineal glands, releasing shadows and entities, reversing polarities and so many more! Join here:  

Psst: Expert Healer Level 2 is just around the corner. See you there!

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