*Sex* up to create the life you love

*Sex* up to create the life you love

Children are the future. What if the future was everything grand and possible? Catch a glimpse of magic simmering at SPLASH – the Light Keys Summer Camp! Groove to the beats with the Light Key Star Khushi. Video is at the end.

What if you could change your reality with the wave of a wand?
We have a great place to start or further your light keys journey. Facilitator Suguna Sathish is hosting the Light Key Frequencies – Transformational Processes for Life and Beyond on the 18th May.

All of Universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Just like you tune the radio to a particular frequency to listen in to your favourite music station, you can call upon certain frequencies to create the reality you desire.

You will learn 3 frequencies in the class:

Golden Earth: This process helps you build a fulfilling, joyful and abundant life here on earth.
Universal Kindness: This process helps you create peace, harmony, and possibilities.
Rainbow Ray: This process helps you to move past limiting beliefs, energy blocks and old contracts that are keeping you stuck.

These are potent frequencies that can shift your reality by clearing energy blocks and creating abundance for you with kindness.

They can be tapped in by experienced energy workers and new enthusiasts with equal ease.

If you could create your life the way you wished, what would you create?

Hop on to get started!

Can sexual be spiritual? – Tap into the creative power of sexual energy!
What does ‘sex’ mean to you? An act or pure energy available to you?

What judgements do you hold about sex that don’t allow you to experience it’s pure potentiality?

How much can you receive from ‘sex’? Do you resist or do you celebrate your sexuality?

Our bodies are sensual and sexual in nature. Yet, we buy into the wrongness of being sexual. There is so much being fed to us all the time about sex. We carry generational impressions and possibly traumas around it. The media is forever subtly painting it in incriminating light.

Sex is being equated with desire all the time. Renouncing and denouncing sex becomes a sign of spiritual progress for many. Morality is more often than not based around sexual behaviours and choices.

What if sex was none of this? What if it was all of this? What if everything you believed about sex was a lie? What if you know nothing about it? What if it had nothing to do with anybody else and everything to do with how you perceive and receive it?

Curious? Triggered?

Welcome all sexunthiasts and spiritual seekers alike!

Join Nila to blow all unconsciousness around sex and unlock the joy of being in your body.

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Please note that the, that this class has a pre requisite – Basic Light Key Frequencies.

In case you have not yet done the class, you can take the upcoming class by Facilitator Suguna Sathish.

YouTube Link – Dance into Mastery and Kindness


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