Shine Like Divine

Shine Like Divine

What we have been experiencing is the melting away of conflicts between the body, mind and the spirit. When you are willing to let go of conflict, the grandness of harmony becomes possible for you. Any external conflict is a reflection of the same in your internal world.

Heal your internal conflicts, your inner child

Facilitator Suguna Sathish is leading the Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution class.

Conflict is generally not due to ‘someone’ or ‘you’ but a knock on your door saying something needs to be resolved with the spirit.

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“Conflict resolution protocol ..put a person in a very critical condition back to consciousness and healed his ruptured lungs in totality much against the timelines and expectations of the Medical fraternity in my Universe .. Walking him through the Golden globe of Kindness…. And .. healing process of the Earth.. for his further recovery.. Thanks a lot Nila Ma’am.”

“Guys, I have been listening to the conflict resolution protocol since 3 days. I keep getting zonked. I still play in background while I work. Whilst I was cleaning up my house I carried my phone around while it played. The TV which wasn’t working and the ac switch that wouldn’t start or even get replaced started functioning as if by magic! Things around also have their own consciousness. My takeaway!”

Knock Knock! Meet the real you!

Did you know forgiveness is all about letting go of everything that’s not your true nature?!

Join in for Light Key Protocol for Forgiveness – Golden Wings of Kindness with Facilitator Tamanna. Forgiveness is all about restoring your connection with divinity and melting away all the resentment, which keeps you away from your true blissful nature.

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“I had a golden wings – forgiven class 2 days ago.One wrote me today -the issue she was practicing on class was 4 and went to zero in no time,It was something between her & husband.”

“Yesterday i gave a session of goldenwings protocol to a women who had issues with her children,It took 3 min. To go dowm from 8 to 2. So greatful to give these magics to the world. Gratitudes Nila ❤️”

Embrace Your Glory

Nila has announced June Blessing Stream. May blessings were all about embracing your shine, June will enable you to meet your glory.

Hop on for 30 days of divine blessings with grace.

“I had done the day 1 exercise and felt a little uneasy and next day that is yesterday had 3 documents to be collected from 3 far off churches thinking of it only made me tired how am I going to finish it in a day as the churches have timings and they are far away from where I live but somehow I was in control of myself didn’t have anxiety issues was rather calm and came back my husband also was surprised I completed the job feeling relaxed and still energized “

“Feeling blessed to have the blessings. I feel a hand on my head last two days when I connect to the blessings chamber. What seemed like a simple proposal at work was taken up for discussion among my bank’s top management and I got appreciated for working through all ‘noise’…”

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