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Light Key Vortices with Rapid Response Protocol – Russian Translation

Light Key Vortices with Rapid Response Protocol – Russian Translation



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As the veil between the realms are thinning, we are able to tap into many elements of the universe and benefit from them. The latest arrival in the Light Key systems is Light Key vortices.

Vortices are frequencies in action with the collective consciousness. Vortices are very powerful and can be invoked and used in many magical ways.

In this product, you will learn how to use vortices to reap benefits in the areas of vitality, prosperity, harmony, relationships.

The highlight of this product is Rapid Response Protocol which will help to transmute and create changes rapidly beyond your imagination.

💖 Some of the feedback received after the call:

“In Nila’s classes everything gets exponentialized 😍😍😍😍thank you Nila. It is fabulous and magical.”

“Awesome class. Thank you so much Nila. I don’t know how many favourite classes I have now ?”

💖Product Inclusion:

  • Audio and Video recordings
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