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Prosperity, Expansion and Magic in October


Prosperity, Expansion and Magic in October

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Tuning Into Prosperity – Group Coaching Call

💖 Course Cost: $55 / ₹4,120
💖 Description:

How many of you are willing to have money that you say you would like to have? What are the points of views or beliefs that are keeping you away from what you really desire?

If you are looking for change in this area, this call is for you.

In this group coaching call, Nila leads the group on how to let go of the limitations and bring more money, abundance and prosperity through simple exercises using Light keys and various other techniques.

Effortless Expansion of your Business, Life and Beyond

💖 Course Cost: $55 / ₹4,120
💖 Description:

Does life seem like a lot of work? Does it feel like you are going on an eternal loop?

Well, the good news is that you can break all that and move into the flow effortlessly. The universe is abundant and effortless and there is no reason why every one of us, who is part of the universe, has to be in lack.

In this group call, Nila will lead the group to let go of the lies of lack and align with the creative source to be in the flow. In this call, you will learn exercises to raise your vibration so that you become the invitation for all that you desire in every area of your life.

Life does not have to be a chore anymore. You can reset it back to the effortless living of the babies. Would you be willing to embrace the babyness and command the universe to bring it all to you?

Creating a Magical Reality

💖 Course Cost: $55 / ₹4,120
💖 Description:

This is a recording of a group coaching call in which Nila lead the group to let go of their apprehension to go beyond this reality’s reality and embrace infinite possibilities. She used several modalities to address the beliefs and points of view that came up about being and creating magic and gently nudged the group to acknowledge and claim their infinite nature.

This call will challenge your belief about you and your abilities and let you go beyond your boundaries. If you lack the confidence to expand, this will be the call for you.

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