Freedom Attunement

This attunement helps the recipient to release their stubborn attachments to people, constructs, concepts, principles and allows them to have more freedom of choices. Some people may require this attunement a number of times. There is no upper limit for this.
This is suitable only for people above 15 years of age. Pregnant women carry a baby in the womb may find it intense. Suitable for everyone else. This attunement is highly recommended to be received in real time. If you still choose absent attunement – please book the slot when the recipient is not sleeping or operating machinery/driving or any activity that requires alertness.
Freedom Attunement – By Facilitator (Real Time): $33
Freedom Attunement – By Nila (Real Time): $66
Freedom Attunement – By Nila (Absent): $54
❤️ Special Offer:
Freedom Attunement – By Nila (Real Time) 3 sessions
$198 $132
Freedom Attunement – By Nila (Absent) 3 sessions
$162 $108

Note: Offer Expires on 31st October.

Product Details

About Freedom Attunement

? What does Real time attunement mean?

You will receive this attunement remotely but in real time (i.e. you will be consciously participating in the receiving). We will agree a time slot with you.

? What does absent attunement mean?

The attunement will be done remotely by Nila . You will receive an email when the attunement is complete with instructions to follow.

Please note : You will receive an email with instructions to book and receive the attunement upon purchasing.

❤️ See what people say after receiving this attunement:

"THANK YOU SOOO MUCH THAT WAS BEYOND ANYTHING I COULD HAVE IMAGINED!!:exploding_head::heart::heart::heart::heart: i felt so many chords and things get pulled off of me! Lots of generational trauma stuff leave! Shame left! Im not afraid to face it and let it go"

Disclaimer: This attunement is not meant to be a replacement for any professional help you may require.
Terms: The experience of each individual varies and hence the outcome from this attunement cannot be guaranteed. Please purchase only if you are willing to take complete responsibility for the outcome of the attunement.
For any queries/support, please click here.
❤️ Pre-requisite:
  • None.

❤️ INR Payment Option:

You can make INR payment through Google Pay to the number 7411607870

(After making the payment, please inform your name and email id to the same number in WhatsApp or send the information to